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why do we need to cook food

People cook food for many different reasons and while it is best to eat some foods raw such as fruits and vegetables, there are some advantages to cooking food. Food can be cooked for the following reasons:
of the food e. g flour being used to make cake. A cake tastes far more delicious than raw flour. Another example includes cooking sugar to make browning used to stew meats. The sugar is no longer sweet but its new taste is desirable when cooking beef etc. of the food e. g. using rice to make fried rice, preserving mango to make jam (the way something feels) of food e. g. using cornmeal to make pastelles.

Raw cornmeal is very grainy and coarse but when it is cooked with a liquid it becomes softer, smoother and more (eat). A good example of this can be found in our picture above where eggs are cooked to make devilled eggs. Raw meat, fish, poultry and egg should all be cooked to make them safe to consume since they contain bacteria that can be harmful to us.

For instance, eating raw eggs can cause Salmonella poisoning whose symptoms include vomitting and diarhoea, nausea and general ill health. e. g tough cuts of meat, hard staples such as rice and cassava. Cooking these foods makes it easier for the body to use it and get all the nutrients from it. of the food e. g. making jam from guava.

Adding sugar and heating the guava to make jam will make a product that has a longer shelf life than fresh guavas. 4. Cooking sterilizes foods either partly or completely. Many foods need partial or complete sterilization for safety. They must be completely sterlized if the germs that produce fermentation or putrefaction and thereby spoil food would be destroyed. This is done when fruits and vegetables are canned for keeping.

Foods that are exposed to dust, flies, and improper handling should be thoroughly cooked in order to destroy any pathogenic germs that might be present. By such germs are meant disease-bearing germs. They differ from germs that produce fermentation and putrefaction, or spoiling, and that must in general be considered as a help, for these play an important part in the raising of bread and the preparation of various foods, as is pointed out later.

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