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why is jim morrison called the lizard king

Jim Morrison was known as 'The Lizard King' due to his obsession with lizards. After years of drinking and heavy drug used he had developed the belief that he was able to control lizards with the power of his mind - that he had indeed become their 'King'. He would constantly mention this ability to friends, but was always unable to provide proof. During a party in Los Angeles in 1967 he had a confrontation with singer Janis Joplin in which, according to witnesses, he threatened to "unleash my army of tiny beasts" upon her. She then reportedly threw a bottle at his face,and he is said to have spent an hour in the garden attempting to summon his lizard army with a form of Native American dance called the 'Paqawatusi' - to little success. Frustrated by his inability to command the creatures, he moved to Paris in 1971 after someone told him there were no lizards in France and he dies soon afterwards as a broken man.
Jim Morrison.

Photo by Electra Records (1968). PD. Wikimedia Commons. If the title of this blog caught your eye, well then, you must be from my generation. If you know the answer to the question, good for you. Frankly, I didnt know the answer when I decided to write my fifth book called Where Did They Bury Jim Morrison, The Lizard King? A Walking Tour of Paris Cemeteries. So for those of you who dont know the answer, here is a multiple-choice test. Why is Jim Morrison called the Lizard King? (a)PPPPPPPPP Jim called himself the Lizard King because he wanted the media to have something to hold onto and use to recognize him. (b)PPPPPPPPP Jim grew up in part in New Mexico and snakes, lizards, and other assorted desert creatures were a part of his early upbringing. (c)PPPPPPPPPP His face was leathery and resembled an iguana. (d)PPPPPPPPP Jim thought he could control lizards through his thought process. (e)PPPPPPPPP He was given this name because of a poem he wrote called, The Celebration of the Lizard King that included the line, I am the lizard king / I can do anything. (f)PPPPPPPPPP Jim was a huge fan of King Crimson. (g)PPPPPPPPP He was high on drugs when he proclaimed himself the Lizard King. (h)PPPPPPPPP His long-term, on again-off again girlfriend, Pamela Courson gave Jim that name for his prowess in bed.

Okay, which one is it? Other than (c), (f), and (h)I made those up, I found each one of these reasons on the Internet. The consensus was that (e) was the real reason. The point of my blog is not really to highlight Jim Morrison. Its to point out the stuff you find on the Internet as fact needs to be scrubbed and verified. I know Im not telling you anything you dont already know but I thought this would be a great example (and fun). I run into this all the time while researching my walking tour books.

Oh, by the way, in 2013 a new lizard fossil was discovered that lived in Myanmar. It was named Barbaturex morrisoni in honor of Jim. So regardless of which of the above is the real reason, Jim Morrison is now scientifically validated as The Lizard King. Catch more about Jim Morrison in my upcoming book: P PBut you ll have to wait until 2018. P Do we have a lot of stories? Of course we do. Im looking forward to sharing these with you. Please continue to visit our newsletter and blog. Perhaps youd like to subscribe so that you dont miss out on the most recent newsletter and blog posts. Thanks so much for following my newsletter and blogs as well as my little journey through this incredibly interesting process of writing a series of niche historical walking tour books. Please note that I do not and will not take compensation from individuals or companies I mention or promote in my blog. Are you following us onP PandP?

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