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why do we need elections in india

Hello. Elections are organized way through which бpeople cast their votes and elect their representatives to various public positions. Elections constitute essence of бa Democracy in which people's representatives are elected by the adult population of a country. a. Elections are the most important tool of indirect democracy through which people elect their representatives who in turn make laws for them. b. It is through elections people exercise their choice. c.

It allows for a government based on the consent of the people. d. Elections allow peaceful transition from one form of government to another by means of elections. If people are not satisfied with present government, its policies its way of functioning they can always elect another party to form government. б
e. Elections ensure that no government is elected for lifetime or then turn tyrannical. f.

Elections allow people to participate in the affairs of the country and remain politically alter and vigilant. g. It compels political leadership to work for the welfare of the people. h. б It helps us to keep a check on our leader atб regular intervals. Hope helped!! *It is not convenient in larger communities for each and every person to sit together and discuss. So, the people elect their representatives. *It ensures that each and every person get to give their opinions. *It also gives a mechanism to choose representatives at equal intervals of time. *It also allows people to take the decision that which person will make laws and regulations for them. *It also allows people to remove the one who is in power, if they wish so. *It chooses the leader on common opinion.

Where common opinion does not work it also allows for the majority decision.

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