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why do we need education for values

While values are involved in matters of ethics, the latter is a discipline of its own and has different answers:P duty ethics (treat others as ends in their own right: Kant), consequentialism (the utility or usefulness served for others), and virtue ethics (Aristotle). Values also go beyond questions only of ethics: value in the arts, for example, and political valuing (a current issue). P Much of schooling transmits the value-judgments of the past or status-quo, rather than seeking to transform and improve society: e. g. , taking for granted the market economy despite its negative effect on the environment.

P Perennialism (as an educational philosophy) argues that the values to be taught are those that areP perennially valuable and never change. And what seems to be the biggest value of all, money (wealth for its own sake) goes unquestioned save by religious sages, some philosophers, and of course the ordinary worker struggling to meet expenses.

Education (especially schooling ) can never be value free: the eternal question in our information society is,P What of all that can be taught is most worth teaching? P And that, of course, always involves decisions of values and, as a consequence, conflicts of values and value systems (which is why schooling is always such a hot topic. )
At Samuel Ryder we look at values in detail,so that we all have the words to describe them to each other, and know how to recognise them in ourselves and in others.

We will celebrate when people are showing values - by sharing them both on the website and in school. We are sure that as parents you will help your child to understand values at home and will celebrate with them when they have demonstrated them. Each month, we focus on a particular value and discuss this during assemblyВ and class circle times.

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