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why do we need democracy in our country

Democracy is a system of rule based upon a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It started in Ancient Greece, where the word comes from demos - people and Kratic - power, it only had a short life there but was adopted once again in the eighteenth century and has carried on successfully to the present day. Over the years it was around in Ancient Greece not everybody agreed it was a good thing for politics for example Plato who believed the masses are unwise and will not be able to make a decision and that politicians were more aware and could make better decisions on behalf of the people. However Aristotle thought that politicians work for themselves and would not include the people s thoughts when making a decision.
A functioning democracy is the form of government that provides its citizens with the most freedom, the most opportunity, the greatest prosperity, and the most comfortable life.

It is also the most stable form and by far the most fun. In a democracy you can choose precisely the religion that is most meaningful to you, and you can choose your spouse and your education. You can listen to any kind of music, and you are free to watch any movie and read any book that you like. You can move around freely and you do not have to ask anybody for permission to do so. You can also choose freely what kind of clothes you wish to wear. If you belong to a minority, you are protected against assault and infringement, and you have exactly the same right to go into politics and influence society as anybody else.

If you are a woman, you have by law the same rights and opportunities as a man. Your father, your brothers, your cousins, your uncles, or your husband have no right to rule over you. You have the same right to education, training, and work, and you have the same opportunity for a free and a great life as boys and men have. You also have the legal right to make decisions regarding your body and to say "no" to sex if you do not desire it, even in marriage. You and all others are equal before the law, you have the right within legal limits to say and write what you want short of slander and libel, and you can meet freely with anybody. You can live without fear of the authorities. The same goes for your children and your extended family. In plain words: Democracy gives you the right to liberty, equality of opportunity, and safety, and the opportunity to earn and keep your own money and to have fun.

The desire for freedom and security is in every one of us, and so is the need to have fun. Without those three things, we cannot live a happy and meaningful life. The need for equality of opportunity is a little more problematic than the other needs, since many of us would like to be a little better off than our fellows. But equality of opportunity is a prerequisite for democracy too, and it is worthwhile, as it helps to guarantee freedom, safety and fun. Therefore, democracy is not only important, it is vital! Simply because we're all human, we all deserve to live in a democracy that works. Next chapter:

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