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why is my paypal account in chinese

Why You Should Open A Bank Account in China. The actual opening of a bank account in China is surprisingly simple, it can be done in just 20 minutes if there is no queue at the bank, you remember to bring your passport and a Chinese friend to help you deal with various banking relating words you wonБt find in your everyday Chinese textbook. The tricky part is choosing the bank you want to open your account with. In China, there is no consistency when it comes to bank branch frequency. Go to XiБan and there is a Bank of China on nearly every street. Go to Beijing however, with your newly opened Bank of China bank account and you will have to walk some serious distance to find a local branch. Here in Beijing, its ICBC frequents my street corners. My advice is to map out your house, your university (or place of work) and various places you know you will visit often and check out which banks tend to crop up a lot for you, in my case ICBC. 2. Why donБt I just withdraw money on my foreign bankcard? Well, you can do that of course, many people in my class do. Its just a bit
(mц fan Б annoying) as some bank terminals despite stating that they accept foreign banks cards Б just wont.

China being China, means that your bank card might work in a Bank of Beijing ATM near your house, but lo and behold, walk ten minutes down the road to another of the same bank branch and you will be declined every time. Not to mention, depending on your domestic bankБs overseas charging policy, expect to pay a heavy surcharge on withdrawals. Want to use your foriegn debit card to buy things? Think again, no Visa or MasterCard accepted here! In China itБs Union Pay who calls the shots. Out of all my favourite eating establishments in Wu Dao Kou, just one takes foreign debit / credit cards. Should you actually find a place with accepts a foreign bank card, you may yet find yourself in jeopardy as unless you took time to inform your bank you were coming to China (lets be honest, you didnБt, no one does) you will constantly find your transactions being rejected as your banks anti-fraud software kicks in panicking at a random purchase of some Nike trainers somewhere in downtown Beijing. 3. Noted, but wonБt I have to pay lots of banking charges to move my foreign assets into my newly opened Chinese bank account?

Not really, firstly if you have a Chinese bankcard it allows you to receive actual local payments in both physical form (cash deposit) or electronic (wiring money). If you have a scholarship from your university you will need to traipse down to the bank once a month with your allowance slip to get your hands on a juicy б3000, kindly donated to you by your university. Secondly should you wish to fill your account with foreign currency you can do that fairly cheaply with overseas remittance companies helping you bypass the traditionally high banking charges. It costs me just бе1 to transfer every бе100 I move to China, IБd say thatБs pretty good value. READ MORE I do not have a PayPal account, how can I pay through PayPal? You can pay through PayPal without a registered account, just open the Payment Link we sent in our email or Click the Pay Now by PayPal on your booking page. You will be able to pay with your credit card or debit card. How can I use my credit card or debit card to pay? Open the Payment Link in our first email sent to you, you can switch the language on the right top.

There are two buttons, one is Pay with My PayPal Account and another is Pay with a Bank Account, Debit or Credit Card, or Paypal Credit. If you do not have an account, you can choose the second button to pay online with your credit card, etc. Why wonБt PayPal work in China or out of my country? If you used to use PayPal in your city out of China, Paypal can detect your IP/address and find your IP/address was changed if you are using your account in China or the third country. So you cannot use the account successfully. You have to call the PayPal Company (the phone service in your country) to help you with this problem. How to call PayPal? Login to your account, drag to the bottom of the page, click the Contact Us, and then find the Call Us to the upper right part of the page, click Call Us. You will see the phone number and One-time passcode. When, Where, and how to pick up my tickets? You can pick up your train tickets at any time after we have booked and sent you the pick-up number. You need to show the pick-up number and the passports. Pick up your train tickets at a train station: be sure reach the right train station at least 1 hour (1. 30 to 2 hours in holidays) before your train departure time, show the pick-up code we sent to you as well as passengersБ passports to a ticket window, and then you can get your tickets.

Pick up your train tickets at any train ticket agent near your hotel. Show the pick-up code we sent to you as well as passengersБ passports to a ticket office, and pay CNY5 per ticket and then you can get your tickets. 1. Names must be the same as that appear on the passports. 2. Passports must be 100% accurate, you cannot collect a ticket if there is a number error. 3. Copies of passengersБ passports must be photocopied or scanned and email to us once you make the payment. 4. Without copies of the passports we cannot collect your tickets and make the delivery. 5. A pick-up code will be included in the conformation letter from us. Use that code to collect your tickets at a train station ticket window. You must show passengersБ passports as well. 6. If you collect the tickets at your departure train station, it is free. If you collect your tickets at a ticket office agent, you need to pay CNY5 per ticket.

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