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why does baby cry all the time

Meikos - Big hugs to you. It is so difficult to deal with a crying baby. My DS1 was exactly the same, from day dot. It was difficult and boy was I jealous of Mum s with quiet and content babies at Mum s group. Don t stop going out, the support from other women and just being out is important for your sanity. As for us, what helped was paying close attention to not letting DS get overtired or over stimulated. He had an awake time of 50-55 mins tops at that age. Anymore and he would be a whinging/screaming baby. We watched a dvd called Hush a bye baby, from the MACH nurse and it helped a lot. Also, we clock watched, 50 mins, we went straight into wrapping and bed routine. We then worked hard to ensure he got through 2 sleep cycles, so when he woke at 45 min mark, we resettled back to sleep.

It took a lot to get him to resettle at first, but we got there. A darkened room helps reduce stimulation too, we put silver foil over the windows. We were hoping for a flexible baby, but we got one that needed his need for routine to be honoured. Also, DS1 had reflux. If your baby is suffering from digestive issues, like wind, that makes life so much harder. Don t be afraid to go back to your GP to assess him further and discuss if there is anything you can do to help him get through. The first doctor I saw thought I was a neurotic first time Mum, but I wasn t and my poor bub was in pain.

DH convinced me to see a different doctor the next day and we were sent home with meds that helped a lot. Keep us posted.
Ok my son will be 5 weeks as of wednesday and we are having trouble with him. He is very fussy all the time. He is only happy is he is being held or rocked. Atleast for the majority of the time. We never had this problem with our daughter she was a very content baby. I feel awful letting him cry because he gets so worked up his little face turns red and he is crying but there is no sound anymore if that makes sense. I woudlnt have an issue with holding him most of the time other then the fact that we have an 18 month old and I find it hard to hold him and be making her lunch or something since I am home alone all day, and now I have school classes starting back up again and will be trying to balance even more.

He does seem to be very gassy, the little guy farts so loud you can hear it across the room! So I have been trying gas drops, mylicon I believe they are called but I am not sure that they are working. He doesnt pull his legs up to his chest as I would expect if he had gas. I am hoping that some other moms have suggestions for me =) And I am also breastfeeding if that matters at all, have been supplementing formula but that is less then once a day and only when I cant be around. thanks I appreciate your help ladies!

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