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why do we have a holiday on easter monday

Happy Monday! The first Monday bank holiday of the year always feels the sweetest. After a jam packed Easter weekend involving a whole lot of chocolate, lamb roasts, TV and family time itвs obvious that we all require an extra day in order to relax and gather our thoughts before going back to work. But ever wondered if there was a biblical connection with Easter Monday? Or why we have the day off? Read our simple guide for more information. What is it? Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday, and it is a bank holiday in the UK. It is also known as Bright Monday, Renewal Monday, Wet Monday and Dyngus Day.

What are the origins? Nothing actually happened on this day, there are no biblical origins for this day, and Christians are not required to observe it. It does not form part of the Easter story. How is it celebrated? Easter Monday is a UK bank holiday, and as a day off for many it is a chance to relax. There are games such as egg rolling which take place. This involves hard-boiled eggs rolled down a hill, and rules to determine the winner vary on regions.

Is there anything else I need to know? It is a public holiday in the UK, and therefore supermarkets operate restricted hours, and there is no post either.
This is what helped to establish the church, it is believed. Christians believe he ascended to heaven after the 40 days. The holiday is prominent mostly in Catholic circles. For those in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Easter Monday, also called Bright Monday or Renewal Monday, is the beginning of Bright Week.

Although there are ceremonies for the entire week following Easter, they are often condensed into Bright Monday. In areas influenced by Roman Catholicism, Easter Monday is the beginning of the Easter Octave. It is common to douse people in water, representing the new life of baptism, and play games with Easter eggs. The Bible makes no mention of Easter or Easter Monday. There is no requirement as a church to celebrate it, but there is prohibition either.

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