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why do we need clothes to survive

Actually, clothing is not a necessity. We actually don't  need clothes, but in everyone's minds, we should be  wearing clothes. Now generations and generations before that have  grown up programming their brains to always cover themselves up.  That's why we feel like we should always have clothes on, instead  of walking around nude. Wearing clothes is a want, not a need.

We  do nessisarily need to, but we want to.    This is just an answer so please don't, for other's sake and yours,  walk around naked.
First and most important reason for our clothing is it provides protection form heat cold, wind and rain. We all know extreme weathers can affect our skin and body. Since our skin is open and uncovered these extreme weathers can easily affect our skin for eg.

Too much cold can make our skin itchy and cracked; too much sun can tan our skin. Therefore there is a need for us to protect ourselves from such conditions. It absorbs perspiration, prevents sudden chills, and acts as a buffer between your body and accidental burns, scratches, and rough surfaces. The right garments can insulate your body against extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures.

People who live in extreme cold weathers dress themselves in heavy coats made of fur so that they can keep their body and thus survive the harsh weather; where as in deserts nomads protect themselves from the hot sun from dehydrating their bodies by covering up with long flowing robes and headdresses.

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