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why do we need to study hard

There are many reasons why we need to study hard. For me those reasons are the following:
First: I study hard to get a better grades. Because getting a better grade is an achievement for me. It signifies my hardworking and perseverance,even if I experience sleepless nights reviewing,and studying my lessons,and so much stressed with too much requirements that must be accomplished. Second: I study hard because I believed that my transcript will reflects on how well I carry all my tasks in school,and how well I perform it.

How responsible I am. Third: I study hard because it would help me learn things that I might need in the future. Seeking for employment,finding a good job,and having a good life. We should always put it in our mind that knowledge and understanding is not innate within us.

We have to learn them. It's not enough to memorized a certain topic but a deeper understanding must within it. It helped us improve and become more informed. Studying really hard makes learning worthwhile and productive. -This only applies to English: I want to major in English, and I love the subject, so it's not too hard to study hard for it. -I want to get into a good college. -I don't want to be seen as stupid. -If I ever get into a debate with someone I want to know my facts.

I hate being wrong. -My school offers free periods instead of studies for those who have above a 90 total GPA and in all their individual classes, and I love frees in the library, so I try to use that as my goal. -I want to take the most challenging courses in my school.

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