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why do we need to study earth and environmental science

Geology is a profession that brings opportunities to move from a country to another, advancing great employment prospects. The employment forecast is excellent for geology graduates. Decreasing energy, mineral and water resources and increasing environmental concerns present challenges to our society. This has created enhanced career opportunities for earth scientists to satisfy society's demands for natural resources while maintaining Earth's natural environments. With a BSc in Earth Sciences, there are several career opportunities.

These include environmental geologist, geologist, geophysicist, glaciologist, hydrogeologist, engineering geologist, mineralogist, paleontologist, seismologist, volcanologist. Graduate studies are another option. Students with a BSc in geology can enterВ.
An education in Environmental Science provides students with an understanding of Earth s living and physical environment, processes that operate within the environment, as well as the nature and mitigation of human impact on the environment.

Through the application of scientific tools and principles, environmental science addresses a variety of issues related to our everyday needs and the environment in which we live from local to global scales. Environmental Science is unique amongst the sciences through the application of all scienctific tools to the natural world furthering our understanding of the environment. If you wish, you can specialize in a variety of concentrations through the application of the scientific tools of geology, geography, chemistry, biology or physics.

Field work, an essential facet of the study of Environmental Science, is part of the EES curriculum from second year onward. Labs provide hands-on experience and many courses offered include a lab component from 1st year on. An Environmental Science degree provides the appropriate background training for professional schools, including law, medicine and business administration (MBA program), as well as those who wish to pursue studies at the graduate level.

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