why does avocado give me a stomach ache

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upset tummy after eating avocado, Why do I get cramps and feel sick after I eat avocado, my tummy hurts after eating avocado, reasons for upper abdominal pains after eating avocados, avocado gives me a stomach ache, avocado allergy stomach ache symptoms, avocado and stomach pain, severe stomach pain after eating an avocado, how to get rid of stomach burning after ate an avocado, why does avocado hurt my stomach, stomach ache and avocado, avocado cashew stomach cramps, avocados and stomach ache, can you have an intolerance to avocado Hi there, Has anyone had this reaction to avocados?

I ate some of one, about 15 minutes later I got mild stomach pain. The pain increased gradually and became sort of stabbing for a couple of hours. At one point I thought I might faint. Now, being the stubborn girl that I am, I have experimented with this a couple of times thinking that it couldn't possibly be the avocado.

I have never had issue in the past. Last night, after having only about 2 thin slices on the side of my salad, I got pretty sick. I was in a lot of pain and discomfort for hours. I decided that maybe I have an allergy. Tonight, by mere coincidence, I went to my sister-in-laws house and she put on a beautiful dinner. I ate it and immediately started feeling pretty ill. The symptoms were the same as the previous night but more intense.

I asked her if the dinner had had avocado and she said yes, in the sauce as a creamy component. I was violently ill. Throwing up several times. I now have severe stomach cramps and feel as though I am woozy. My question is has anyone else had this reaction? Is it really an allergy developed at the ripe old age of 30? It's so weird! I'm not willing to experiment on myself anymore after tonight's little episode.

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