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why do we need to assess students

We all need to be assessed on our performance to see what progress we have made towards a certain goal. Our role as teachers is to educate students to become knowledgeable and responsible citizens. Whatever area of the curriculum we deliver, it is important that both teacher and student are aware of their starting position in terms of knowledge and understanding, and the shift in position after further teaching and study.

As others have said, there are a myriad of good (and bad) assessment procedures, but if we do not assess we do not equip the students with an understanding of their abilities, nor do we establish the validity and efficacy of the programmes we implement.
Thanks for your comment Delas.

Glad you found this interesting. Using portfolios to encourage learning and promote reflection is a good idea. In order to be used as an assessment device, a portfolio needs to be designed in the right way.

Here is a useful article that discusses the design of assessment portfolios. http://ncme. org/linkservid/6629B1E9-1320-5CAE-6E63F591DCFC6822/showMeta/0/ Also, I don t think there would be any way to make this a perfect assessment.

There are points of failure in the use of portfolios as assessment tools. As educators, if we are aware of the opportunities and pitfalls of using portfolios and choose their use wisely, we know we have done a good job at making the right environment for learning and transfer.

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why do we need to assess students
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why do we need assessment in education
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