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why do we need alternative forms of energy

The earth is a fragile planet, and the ways in which human beings use it directly affects its health. Harvesting fossil duels and then burning those fuels releases harmful chemicals into the earth s atmosphere and oceans. This is one of the major reasons why it is so important to find alternative sources of energy. People take for granted what their actions do to the environment. When people talk about alternative sources of energy the often refer to the. In this category we have:
One thing is certain, and that is the negative effects of the carbon oxide spewing energy industry are immense. The culprits that the humans of the world relies so much on for their daily energy needs are: Smog one of the awful effects of oil, gas and coal burning Green alternative sources of energy has the potential for reversing some of the damage human beings have brought upon the earth. However, it might be too late for some regions. Part of the problem lies in the fact that overpopulation makes the reduction of smog a difficult task. China has one of the fastest growing populations found anywhere in the world. Recent independent studies show that major metropolitan areas, such as xingtai and shijiazhuang, contain extremely unhealthy levels of air pollution. Smog is a mixture of naturally-occurring fog combined with pollution caused from cars and industrial factories. More recently, pressure placed on china by the international community has caused leaders within the country to create a spin cycle of misinformation. Specifically the now notorious five surprising benefits of pollution. When people consider alternative sources of energy, they often think about how these sources save the air. In reality the worldвs oceans are in peril too. This was evident most recently during the gulf oils spill occurred. One of the worst oil spills in history occurred from a ship called the exxon valdez off of alaska in 1989.

The gulf oil spill was the result if an explosion which happened on anoil rig many miles out to sea. Some of the workers lost their lives in that explosion, and oil began to spew from deep inside the earth out into the ocean. As a result, oil slicks and balls of jelly-like oil began to wash up on beaches along florida, mississippi, new orleans and other locations. These kinds of disasters can be averted if more proactive approaches to alternative sources of energy take place. Wildlife such as birds, fish, otters and other marine animals will not have to suffer at the hands of human beings. A not so well known but just as dangerous new energy extraction form is fracking for natural gas. Fracking is a controversial process in which drills mine deep into the earth to recover gas hidden behind shale rock. Once the drill has reached the desired depth, high pressure water and chemical mixture is blasted into the rock to release the gas inside, thus making it recoverable by drill teams. This practice has been met with skepticism and concern. Critics point to how the process could leave the ground unstable. Pollution could result from the high pressure water and chemical mixture which is used as well. could reduce or eliminate the need for this dangerous practice. Utilizing the sunвs energy with solar power, harnessing tidal power or building wind power plants enables us to operate machinery and major production sites without harming the interior of the earth. Alternative sources of energy are critical to maintaining health both on the earthвs surface and under the ground. Sometimes small steps in energy usage go a long way in from the wounds we have inflicted. If we hope to provide a safe place for our kids and their kids, then we must all take a close look at ourselves.

For example, you can obtain warm water by heating it with a, buy an electric car or you can drill a for all your needs. Even small steps like having a compost, recycling or making the conscious choice to buy ecological food helps. People who practice the use of green energy are in better health overall as well. Pollution, even microscopic amounts, can wreak havoc on the human lungs over time. Our bodies can handle only so much abuse. Take the steps necessary to ensure that our world is a safe place to live for many years to come. ( 4 votes, average: 4. 00 Loading. Energy sources like crude oil, coal and natural gas are essential for various purposes. Most of our day-to-day activities will come to a standstill if these energy sources are not available to us. There is an ongoing debate whether we require alternative energy sources or if there are enough energy sources like crude oil and natural gas to meet the growing demands of individuals and industries throughout the world. Due to the growing population there will be more demand for energy resources in future. It is believed that fossil fuels such as natural gas and crude oil will get depleted after few decades. Though technology has paved way for oil companies to extract oil from unproved oil reserves there is no guarantee that the future demand for these fossil fuels can be met. Fossil fuels like natural gas and crude oil are non renewable as well as harmful to the environment upon burning. Hence the need for an alternative energy source arises. Fossil fuels are naturally occurring energy sources, which are formed from dead plants, and creatures buried under soil some millions of years ago. At the current rate of consumption it's difficult to extract newly formed fossil fuels as the rate of production of such fossil fuels is extremely slow which will take hundreds of years.

Alternative energy source like solar power is natural and renewable. Fossil fuels contribute largely to global warming which has become a major environmental issue. Solar and wind energy will not get depleted unlike crude oil and they can be used repeatedly. People are slowly switching to alternative energy sources due to its varied advantages over the limited stock of non-renewable energy sources. Few countries have already realized the need for using energy sources like wind and solar power. It's not possible for the entire world to be fully dependent upon fossil fuels. Using alternative energy sources will help in saving fossil fuels like crude oil and natural gas for emergency use in future. Investing money in energy sources like solar power will help consumers in the long run. The price of crude oil is skyrocketing and the underdeveloped countries find it difficult to consume such energy sources. Many countries are in need of crude oil for transportation, which proves expensive. An alternative energy, which is less expensive and less harmful to the environment, will be a boon to underdeveloped countries. Many countries have started investing their money in researching and inventing different energy sources. Apart from polluting the environment, fossil fuels are harmful to living things like plants and animals. They are responsible for sudden climatic changes and greenhouse effect. Fossil fuels are non renewable, hazardous to environment and they are also becoming expensive. Thus this paves way for using alternative energy sources for cooking and heating as they are renewable, environmental friendly and easily available. We can save our environment from getting polluted to a large extent by exploiting environmental friendly energy sources.

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why do we need alternative sources of energy
why do we need to use alternative energy resources
why do we need to use alternative energy
why do we need alternative sources of energy
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why do we need alternative energy sources