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why do we need to study business communication

According to Marty Blalock, senior lecturer of business communication at the University of Wisconsin, lack of effective business communication be costly in business. It is a huge part of organizational culture. Business communication plays several roles, directly and indirectly within the processes of managing people within an organization and doing business outside of the organization.

Oral communication can be understood subjectively. ItБs not always concrete in its meaning. Therefore, itБs important to understand current БbuzzwordsБ and taboo phrases that can be misunderstood. Written communication does not always reflect the tone of the one penning the communication. It is important in that situation to learn letter formatting, proper greetings and salutations.
The feedback cycles required for effective business communication can take different forms, especially when aided by modern technology.

In addition to speech and written text, business professionals must understand how to communicate effectively via e-mail, text message and even social media status update.

New tools allow business professionals to combine personal messages with automated responses, such as vacation auto-responder messages, to help process large amounts of information. Many effective communicators find ways to cut through the clutter of overflowing inboxes with handwritten notes or direct phone calls.

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