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why do we have 3 branches of government

The executive branch is the most visible branch of the U. S. government. The president, vice president, Cabinet and Executive Office of the President make up the executive branch, and it is their responsibility to enforce the country's laws. The Cabinet includes 15 departments, each overseeing a particular issue for the nation, and the Executive Office of the President is composed of the president's senior staff. The president, as the head of state, is responsible for appointing the heads of each of the 15 executive departments, signing bills or vetoing them after they have been through Congress, appointing members of the judicial branch, and commanding the armed forces.
It took four long months of debate for the framers to create the Constitution.

As the framers worked, different plans and suggestions were made. The states with smaller populations supported the New Jersey Plan which sought equal representation among all states, and which added an executive and judicial branch, while giving the government power to tax and regulate trade. The larger states sought to have representation in the new government based on population.

They created the Virginia Plan, which did this, and which not only created three branches of government, but also gave the government much more power than under the Articles. The result of all this debate was the Great Compromise, which resulted in the Constitution we know today. It solved the representation squabble by creating a bicameral legislature, called Congress, in which the lower house (called the House of Representatives) had representation based on population, and an upper house (called the Senate) had equal representation by states (2 Senators representing each state).

An executive branch was created, headed by a President to be elected by the people (and an electoral college). A judicial branch was also added, with one Supreme Court, whose members were to be chosen by the chief executive and confirmed by the Senate. The new government was given the right to tax, to regulate trade and make national laws. It was much more powerful than the national government had been under the Articles of Confederation. The framers finished their work on the Constitution in September of 1787.

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