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why do we need a royal family

With Kate and WillБs second childбborn into a life of boundless luxury and privilege just hours ago, we thought weБd do a feature on the royal family. Specifically,бwhy we need to get rid of our monarchy. And yes, there are loads more reasons to get rid of them aside from the fact that the National Anthem is shit, and that the Queen never fucking smiles. LetБs start with economic considerations. With royal visits abroad and everything thrown in, we, the powerless taxpayers, are paying about бе200 million a year to have a royal family. Alternatively, this amount of money could be used to pay for 9,000 nurses or 8,000 police officers, or could even go towards lowering tuition fees for our financially beleaguered students. Amidst spending cuts affecting the most vulnerable in our society, Queenie is laughing all the way to the bank. TheyБve got a property portfolio worth бе7. 6 billion as well, whilst at the same time, approximately 248 people sleep rough every single night in London alone. Think about it, if and when we colonise Mars and weБre constructing a brand new society, if someone pipes up БIБve got a great idea guys, why donБt we get a little old lady, make her wear a silly hat and give her бе200 million a year for her to live on! Б, theyБd probably be put back in the spaceship and sent back to Earth. More Elizabeth II: And itБs not just for economic reasons that the royal family should do one. The royal family perpetuates the image of a hierarchical society, not British national identity as some people argue. TheyБre German anyway for fuckБs sake. TheyБre just so detached from normal people and the reality of life, that when they go off on these visits abroad, theyБre giving off a totally inaccurate representation of us, although I suppose you could probably aim the same argument at David Cameron.

They jet off to third world countries, condescendingly trying to get them to adopt democracy, when in reality, theyБre the only obstacle standing in the way of true democracy here in the UK. Essentially the whole concept of the monarchy hinges on the belief that God has elected this family to rule over us. I find it hard to believe that many of us actually buy this bullshit when over 50% of us in the UK donБtбattend any sort of religious service. Pro-monarchists use the whole tourism argument and think theyБre playing the ace up their sleeve. LetБs look at tourism then shall we? If we got rid of the monarchy tomorrow, the history, palaces and artefacts that the tourists come here to see would still be here for them to look at. I mean, itБs not as if any of these tourists come here to meet any of the royal family anyway, as if theyБd host some sort of meet-and-greet with the commoners. France, who publicly beheaded their monarchy over 200 years ago (which IБm in no way supporting), have a thriving tourist economy and were the most popular tourist destination in the world in 2013 with a massive 84. 7 million visitors; the tourism argument really is a steaming load of horse shit. Yeah, Prince Harry might be a bit of a legend, but like witch hunting and burning people at the stake for their religion, the monarchy is a concept that should have ended centuries ago, and it can be done. With enough public pressure, Parliament would have to listen, and we can go about getting rid of them through legislation. LetБs just not do it the way that the French did.
It was announced recently that the will be rewarded with 369 million pounds to renovate Buckingham Palace.

However, major questions were asked and a petition was consequently launched for the herself "to pay for (the) huge repairs", as the Metro newpsaper noted. In light of this, it has led me to question, do we still need the Royal Family anymore and are they a good or bad thing for Great Britain? It is important to state that the and Queen Elizabeth II do bring a lot of good to the country. One key argument is the # aspect. The website TopTenz stated that the monarchy brings in around 500 million pounds annually from overseas tourists. In addition, the Independent newspaper claimed that the total value of the monarchy to the UK's economy was an estimated 1. 155 billion pounds in 2015. There is also the charity work aspect. In addition to the financial benefits, there is the simple truth that the world has seriously benefited from the Royal Family's charitable work. It has even gone as far to provide a good reputation of Great Britain as a result and support too from outside our own four walls. A survey found, as TopTenz reported, that 71 per cent of the American public believe that the monarchy is good for Britain. There is also the diplomatic angle. The fact that the Royal Family is apolitical ensures that they can represent the country's values without being criticised of partisan politics. Even more so, there are even those who advocate the view that 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. However, despite this, there are many ways in which the monarchy is bad for Great Britain. One aspect is financial. Counter-research claims by the Campaign group Republic stated that the Royal Family actually costs the tax payer 344 million pounds a year, according to the Independent newspaper. There is also the argument that the Royal Family members There is also the argument that the Royal Family members take advantage of their position for their own benefit.

In addition to the story regarding the Queen at the top of the article, it was also claimed in July of this year by the website AOL that Prince Andrew abused his position. He spent 5,000 pounds in taking a "taxpayer-funded helicopter" from his home in Windsor to play a round of golf in Kent. There is also the undemocratic element. It is not only the case that the Queen is an unelected official but pays no tax. This surely goes against every grain of reasoning in a civilised society as is ours. There is also the law to consider. The dictionary defines the as "the principle that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to law that is fairly applied and enforced". However, despite this, there is one person who is above that said rule of law; the #Queen of England. We all abide by and follow the rule of law but the Queen somehow seems to be above it. How can that be tolerable in a fair and decent society? Where now going forward? In reflection I do not deny that the institution of the monarchy has served us very well for a long period of time. But the question now is, are they needed anymore? The times have changed now. There is no longer the great British Empire that there once was. and is restricted largely to advising and consenting. It is the Prime Minister, his/her Cabinet and the MPs themselves who run the country instead and this is how it should be. They have been elected by the people and they represent those people in Government and Parliament. Is it now time Britain comes together and ultimately modernises with the times. The nation needs it. We need it.

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