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why does my elbow pop when i bend it

this is a common injury in bjj (or so im told) i had this exact thing happen to me a week ago, u can probably still find the thread that we talked about it in. anyway, a lot depends on how badly it was hyperextended but u seem to be exactly where i was last week and my advice to you is, go to acadamy buy one of those braces for tennis/golfers elbow. ) put ice on it for 20 minutes of every hour that u can for the first 2 days. icy hot, motrin ib. i still feel slight discomfort when fully extending my elbow, but i pretty much have already regained my full range of motion and i started rolling and lifting weights again. take about a week off from everything and see how u feel
Popolop - The joint capsule is a sheath that goes all around a joint to hold everything in place and provide an environment for synovial fluid to sit, and synovial fluid is basically the grease for your joints.

A ligament, which holds bone to bone, is just a thickening of the capsule at a spot where two bones articulate.

So in a hyperextension injury or a valgus stress, you might not get a specific ligament, but you tear the capsule that surrounds the joint.

I Have seen torn capsule in the case of a knee where you could take the tib/fib and rotate in while the femur is stationary. But to answer your question, its the sheath that tears around the joint which will cause instability but probably not to same degree as a MCL or LCL in the elbow.

So popping a joint is essentially breaking this "sheath" or joint capsule? What is this joint capsule composed of it it isn't a ligament? Well when you feel a pop it isn't always going to be strictly ligament/capsule damage, but it usually is. You can basically think of them as the same thing, a ligament is just a thickening of the capsule at a bone to bone articulation.

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