why is my neck darker than my body

Q: Since I was a teenager my neck was bout five shades darker then the rest of my body. It might look a little dirty but of course I know I bathe everyday. I tried bleaching system nothing seems to work. It's like it's at a stand still and doesn't want give. What could the reason be why my neck is way darker than my body. I'm 210 pounds, could my weigh have something to do with it? Help how could I bring it back with my skin tone? Could you help a sista out? A: Hi there. Unusually dark skin in any area of the body is usually caused by either chaffing (skin rubbing against other skin) or some kind of allergic reaction to something you are either putting on your skin or wearing that's rubbing against it.

It could be that your weight affects your neck region, but only if you notice your skin has folds around the neck. Sometimes when you sweat a lot on a certain area it tends to cause the area to turn dark as well. What I would tell you to try is keeping that area dry by using a talc if you sweat a lot (powder, but with a puff so you don't look like you fell into a flour bin) and if not, I would try using moisturizer on your neck that will help the skin to "glide" across other skin is chaffing is the issue.

I would also check with a doctor to see if there's anything you are using that might be irritating your skin. My guess though is that it's either chaffing or reaction to something like sweat. Please give me an update in the future about what's going on.
You can use it every other day to build tolerance, depending on your skin type. I recommend daily to rep the full benefits Walgreens aha face cream is no more than 8% it's more on the gentle side of the GA spectrum.

You can also look into chemical peels weekly or bi weekly here's the most helpful thread on beginning a chemical peel. http://www. skincaretalk. com/t/7073/chemical-peeling-what-to-expect-before-during-and-after http://www. skincaretalk. com/t/31444/the-beginners-guide-to-la-ga-peels-the-illustrated-edition Considering the fact you post this in a skin lighting forum. I'm assuming your considering the thought of introducing a lighter. Here's a plethora of threads to get you started it's like a treasure troll of information! http://www. skincaretalk. com/t/23951/carolight-is-the-truth-amazing-results http://www. skincaretalk. com/t/42591/newbies-things-to-consider-before-lightening-or-posting#post_700835 http://www. skincaretalk. com/t/33249/go-to-thread-creams-containing-steroids http://www. skincaretalk. com/t/50417/how-to-lightening-cheaply-and-effectively-for-newbies http://www. skincaretalk. com/t/30191/helping-newbies-make-a-start If your not interested in the ones I posted it's a hundred more lol!

Just waaaaaaay to many to list! Only consider a lighter after properly exfoliating!

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