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why do we go to church on sunday

Why do we go to church on Sundays? Sunday is a celebration! The early Christians worshipped together on the first day of the week, Sunday, to celebrate that Jesus had risen from the dead. While Sunday has become a day of worship for most Christians, the Bible doesnt command us to worship on Sunday. In fact, throughout history, Jews have worshipped on Saturday. The Old Testament taught Israel to remember the Sabbath day and to keep it holy, and so they set aside Saturday as the Sabbath for rest and remembering Gods work. Gods commandment to set aside of day for worship and rest (a "Sabbath") still stands, but the day isnt important. Christians have chosen Sunday as a special day to go to church and worship God as a group. Sunday is a chance to honor the Lord and have a weekly reminder that we serve a risen Savior. Dont forget, thoughwe can and should worship God every day of the week! "Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy" (Exodus 20:8). "Let us not give up meeting together.

Some are in the habit of doing this. Instead, let us cheer each other up with words of hope. Let us do it all the more as you see the day coming when Christ will return" (Hebrews 10:25). "So dont let anyone judge you because of what you eat or drink. Dont let anyone judge you about holy days. Im talking about special feasts and New Moons and Sabbath days" (Colossians 2:16).
Caller: I have question about in a previous call you talked about grace and law and the Ten Commandments, and I worship on Sundays and wonder why we do that? If theres Scripture to back that up as the Commandment says Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy? Pastor Doug: Well, since you asked, Ill answer you. I used to go to church on Sunday and I asked the same question one time and I was shocked to find out that Sunday worship is not grounded in Scripture at all but its firmly rooted in tradition.

Gradually, several hundred years after Christ, Christians in Rome began to try to reach the pagans by accommodating them. The pagans, on the first day of the week, they had the Venerable Day of the Sun, thats where Sunday gets its name, and because the Jews were being persecuted for Sabbath-keeping, some of the Christians said We dont want to continue worshiping on the seventh-day Sabbath, like the Jews, or we might get persecuted along with them, they began to distance themselves from the Jews and they developed a new doctrine. They said, Jesus rose on the first day of the week. Lets make that the new Christian Sabbath. And it was done by man, not by the Bible, or the Apostles, or Jesus. Co-Host: It was a very slow process. Pastor Doug: It happened over a period of about 200 years. Matter of fact, if you even read a Catholic catechism, they freely admit that Sunday is not rooted in Scripture but in tradition, and its by virtue of the Churchs authority that the day was transferred, not by the Bible.

So it dates back to the Dark Ages and if youre going to go by the Bible and follow Jesus, the seventh day of the week, which the Jews still acknowledge as the Sabbath, is still Saturday, its still the seventh day. Thats the day I rest and worship. I worship God seven days a week but I only rest one and thats the Sabbath day. Caller: You do keep the Sabbath? Pastor Doug: Yes, sir. And incidentally, I have a study guide that is filled with Scriptures on that. Would you like me to send it to you? Caller: Yes, I would. Pastor Doug: Its free and Pastor Dicks going to tell you about that. Co-Host: Copy this phone number down and call them and ask for the study guide entitled Dont Be Fooled. Heres the phone number: 800-835-6747. Caller: Okay. I appreciate that.

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