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why do we need stricter gun control laws

The second amendment allows the personal use of a firearm for self defense. Hint: self-defense. You do not need a semi-automatic machine gun for self-defense. A small pistol or even a taser to inflict pain and escape is all that is needed. In order to obtain a license for gun ownership, everyone who lives at the address of the person registering should undergo a psychological evaluation in order to make sure that the licensed firearm will remain out of the hands of those who are mentally unstable or resort to violence. Lets think about it, if the second amendment on guns was written in 1791 what kind of guns do you think they had back then. Probably pistols that could shoot 1 bullet per minute. Those laws weren't created when now we have assault rifles that can shoot 50 bullets a minute. Plus, the government has seen that guns are a problem because they don't allow them in the white house.

Many people are being killed endlessly due to the negligence of the state governments. If they registered these gun laws, less people would be likely to get hurt from a gun casualty. It will hurt our kids other families and many more. Gun control should be enforced so people would feel much safer
Gun control should be enforced by everyone. Well for one it is not safe. Next people who have illnesses can get to them. Another reason is because of Safety Violations aren't incised. Another reason is because of Violences with guns. Also the last reason is because of gang related violence. Alright, I know all you right wing gun rights advocates always resort to the guns don't kill people, people kill people excuse, and you know what you're right, the people are doing the killing, but it is the fact that we allowed them to do this killing with high powered assault rifles that is so ridiculous, in what world would you need a high powered automatic rifle for defense, what, are you going to be attacked by fifty men!

The only reason to have a weapon like that is to kill many people, like at a school, now I am sick of people saying its protected under the second amendment, I know it is, but the second amendment was written in the 1700s ok, back then all we had were muskets, and you would be lucky to kill one person with that, so the founding fathers never could have forseen such powerful weapons or I am sure they would have written it differently. And we wouldn't round up every gun in the U. S. but we would stop selling them to mentally unstable people and criminals, and I know what you're thinking, we should have had them locked up before they killed everyone, but we just can't do that, it's not logical, these people are mentally ill, they are unpredictable and it can be hard to tell who is mentally ill and who is not, so I believe I just shot down all your theories but if I missed one let me know.

Yes we need gun control. There are too many guns in our society owned by many different kinds of people. All that seems to be happening is that we are developing a much more violent society, more than most other countries that are civilized. Even children are dying for no reason so we should be curtailing who can buy and own. John M. Maxwell It's in my best interest that many of the people in the news have been in great horro to face children with guns in your home, I believe that we as United States should be more protective towards our children and their surrounds because anything could happen to those children. t least 17 killed, 16 in the hospital for injuries from the.

It sounds redundant and Bay Area politicians are saying so on Twitter. Nikolas Cruz was identified Wednesday as the 19-year-old shooter, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, a community in Broward County, Southern, Florida. According to officials, the suspect is in custody, but the damage has been done. The weapon of choice, a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, in addition to being armed with gas masks, smoke grenades and he even pulled the fire alarm as a tactic, according to U. S. Senator Bill Nelson from the State of Florida. Read Do we need stricter gun control laws? KTVU (@KTVU)

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why do we need more gun control
why do we need gun control laws
why do we need more gun control
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