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why do we need a desalination plant

The ocean makes up of the earthвs surface and accounts for 96 percent of the water on the planet. The problem is, this water canвt be consumed. Itвs oversaturated with salt. Desalination is the process of turning salty ocean water into drinking water. So with
lacking access to clean water and more areas facing severe droughts, could desalination be the silver bullet? The Middle East has been a leader in desalination so far. rely heavily on desalination as a source for clean water. Israel gets from desalination. These countries also have hardly any groundwater or fresh water sources so desalination is a case of innovation by necessity. These countries make up the one percent of the world currently relying on desalination to meet water needs. But the will rely on desalination to meet water needs. Read More: So how does desalination work? Desalination is the process of purifying saline water into a potable fresh water. Basicallyвturning ocean water into drinkable fresh water. Sounds pretty cool! There are several ways to remove salt from water. Reverse osmosis and distillation are the most common ways to desalinate water. Reverse osmosis water treatment pushes water through small filters leaving salt behind. Distillation on a large scale involves boiling water and collecting water vapor during the process. Both require a lot of energy, infrastructure and are costly. So is cost the reason why desalination isnвt used?

Yup. The energy requirements are so high that the cost for a lot of countries is too much. Thatвs why itвs mainly used in regions lacking freshwater, ships, and military vessels. There are environmental concerns too. Desalination plants take in salt water straight from the ocean and and other small ocean life as water travels from the source to the plant. Read More: A pipeline to a desalination plant in the Red Sea near Nuweiba, Egypt. Lastly, salinity levels in oceans, which would make filtering water more expensive. The more salt there is to filter out, the more energy required. Thatвs why plants often convert brackish water (think lightly salted potato chips vs. regular) to clean water. But brackish water is not as prevalent as ocean water. Can it work? Itвs still very expensive compared to using freshwater sources. But. Israel invested in a large desalination plant in 2005 and will be producing enough water to supply. В Yes, building desalination plants is very costly ( for the largest plant in the US) but it is a safety net for places where drought conditions persist and freshwater is limited or lacking entirely. California, you know what Iвm talking about. California is building after years of severe drought. And itвs. Desalination is being used as a last resort in California. Cities in California have tried investing in infrastructure for desalination previously. Santa Barbara built a desalination plant years ago and is just now restarting it after initial costs were too high to run the plant previously.

It will cost to restart and maintain. Water obtained from desalination of water from freshwater sources. But now, parts of California donвt have many other options. The only way desalination can be a good option to solving the water crisis is if renewable energy is used, costs are lowered, and environmental protections are put in place for marine life too. Companies and countries and trying to lower the amount of energy needed to desalinate water and look into using cleaner energy sources. For example, to power desalination plants. In California, the California Coastkeepers Alliance is working with desalination plants on a plan to make sure marine life is minimally harmed by using techniques as opposed to sucking in water from the surface where marine life is more prevalent. Desalination does allow for severely water-stressed areas to have their own water source, but it still comes at a high cost. But with climate change and severe drought affecting more and more areas, I think itвs a process worth investing in to lower cost and cut carbon footprints of production. Combining renewable energy with improved technology could make desalination a more viable option. But it's still not going to be a first choice for most countries. Read More:В Mouth of Powlett Road will remain an emergency access road for local residents.

As well as its compact, modular design, the plant will use world-leading energy recovery devices in the reverse osmosis process to significantly reduce power consumption. The plant site will be lowered to provide the best operational outcome and lowest energy use. The highest point of the main building will be 20 metres high but will be barely visible from surrounding areas, screened by constructed dunes. Dunes will be constructed to integrate the plant with the natural landscape and provide visual and acoustic protection to neighbours nearby. Williamsons Beach will remain open and available for public enjoyment throughout the life of the project. During construction a small exclusion zone will apply around the offshore equipment used to construct marine tunnels, in order to protect the safety of the marine crew and the public enjoying the water. This will not affect beach activities. A living roof, completely covered with living indigenous ground covers, tussocks and low shrubs will help blend the plant into the natural landscape, provide acoustic protection, corrosion resistance, thermal control and reduced maintenance. Water storage ponds with a capacity of 1000 cubic metres will capture run off from the living roof and administration buildings for irrigation onsite. More than 3. 5 million plants and 150,000 trees will be used to reinstate indigenous vegetation cleared over the years to make way for mining and grazing.

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