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why do we go for automation testing

What are the benefits of automated testing? Expand your testing capacity, get faster feedback, and improve quality through test automation. You already know the value of software testing. But fast-paced software development environments can create time and cost constraints that make it difficult to thoroughly test an application prior to release. If defects slip undetected into the production environment, the result can be customer dissatisfaction and increased maintenance costs. allows your team to execute more tests in less time, increasing coverage and freeing human testers to do more high-level, exploratory testing. Automation is especially beneficial for test cases that are executed repeatedly, such as those for cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, and those that are part of a full or partial regression suite.
What is 2 tier and 3 tier application?

Pls illustrate it with appropriate example. , Write a query to find the number of employees who got more that 20,000/- and 50,000/- sal Write a query to find the number of sudents in each course , which testing we do during requirements? a. white box testing b. black box testing c. both testing d. none Anybody can suggest me, curretly i am searching for a job on testing but i relieved from old company this JUNE 3O. somebody is asking about this 1 month gap. what is the personal reason i have to tell, Anybody can suggest me in detail.

Thanks in advance. Laxman , What is the difference between Test Startegy and Test Planning. , Hello All, I am from Networking background, and i am intending to give the ISTQB Foundation level certification. May i request you to help me with the following: 1)Is it possible to give this exam with out practical knowledge? 2) What is the success rate of people passing? I know one of my fried, a test lead, who failed last time. 3) Can you please share the latest material to my email id bnaveem@gmail. com? 4) Any suggestions that you may like give?

Regards, Naveem B Iвve been using a test tool for quite some time but it has not lived up to the expectations. So Iвm planning to invest in a good one. Please suggest some? , Can we do Usability Testing with Automation Testing Tools????? 1). explain need of software testing? 2). explain difference between developer testing test engineers testing? 3). explain difference between verification validation 4). which process your organization follows to develop an application? 5). explain v-model? what is the meeting point in v-model? What is the format of Bug Report?

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