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why do we have school policies and procedures

Policies help define rules, regulations, procedures and protocols for schools. All of these are necessary to help aPschool run smoothly and safely and ensure that students receive a quality education. Introduction SchoolsPhave policies for several reasons. Policies establish rules and regulations to guide acceptable behavior and ensure that the school environment is safe for students, teachers and school staff. School policies also help create a productive learning environment. Rules and Regulations In order for rules and regulations to be in place and enforced, policies are created, often by the local. Having these policies in place means there are determined procedures for how school operations are handled, down to every minute detail, so that educators, staff and students know what is expected and can act accordingly. This saves time, prevents confusion and unifies the school.

Safe Learning Environments Students, teachers and staff members deserve to feel physically and psychologically secure in their environment. In order to create this environment,
are created and instated that establish safety standards for the physical environment and mental state of students and staff. This is done by creating policies such as fire drills, and mental health guidelines. Setting Goals and Establishing Productivity In order for an institution to encourage higherPlearning, policies must be in place that establish goals as set forth by the school board. These policies establish standards and help hold schools and educators accountable to the public. This is important for relating education to the community and making it responsible to the larger world. Accountability through the use of goal-oriented policies ensures that students are receiving a valuable education.

Policies are important because they help a school establish rules and procedures and create standards of quality for learning and safety, as well as expectations and accountability. Without these, schools would lack the structure and function necessary to provide the educational needs of students. Ultimately, policies are necessary to the success and safety of a school. Source:P This document provides guidance on the approach to be followed in delivering a home - school e-learning pilot for pupils who are on short term absence as a result of illness or medical condition. This procedure aims to help and support teachers who are experiencing problems as a result of alcohol or drugs misuse. This circular provides advice to teachers who wish to make disclosures of information relating to malpractice by their employers or colleagues at work.

Describes the application process for applying for an eyesight screening test for teachers who operate a Visual Display Unit in connection with their work for 1 hour or more per day. A policy statement and code of practice on measures to combat bullying and harassment of teaching staff in schools. This procedure seeks to protect non smokers from the effects of tobacco smoke in the workplace, promote the health of pupils and staff and to provide information and advice for those wishing to stop smoking. Updated to include e-cigarette s. This document provides details of the level of payments to be made by employing authorities to teachers/dependents in the event of assaults on teachers, in the course of or as a consequence of his/her employment, which result in death or permanent disablement.

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why do school have policies and procedures
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