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why does my dryer keep tripping the breaker

If one leg of the breaker is tripping, I would have to say something is wrong with the dryer. Dryer uses 220 but it's split internally where 110 is for the motor and 110 for the heating element. After reading through all the posts here I can only suggest either the heating element has broke and is shorting out to ground, or the control/timer is bad.

Did you check to see if the element is ok by physically removing it? Another way you can check the element is disconnect the two wires and put an ohm meter across the leads to the element, is you do not get a reading then try from each leg of the element to the case and see if you get a reading.

But from reading where you state the timer is not even moving may just indicate that the control has gone bad.
Bad Start Switch, Motor Winding or Shorted Heating Element A start switch stuck in the "Run" position will cause the start winding from being connected when the motor starts, which will cause the motor to draw an exceptional high current for a prolonged period of time, causing the breaker to trip open.

An open circuit in either the start or run windings will result in a high current draw and a tripped breaker.

A heating element that has failed and gone to ground will also trip a circuit breaker.

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