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why do we have rules in sports

What would a sports game be like if there were no rules? I can say it is likely that the game would be chaotic, maybe even similar to war. Regardless of the sport, players would be fighting each other in order to score that point or that goal. The game would be so competitive for anything would be allowed, no referees to stop unsportsmanlike behavior. The arena would simply turn into a war zone and possibly even the fans would get into the game and try to affect the outcome. Well, let s be glad that sports do not follow the state of nature and lack a set of rules guiding each game. As
explains, the state of nature is like survival of the fittest, each person only looking out for themselves. Sports would simply not be able to exist if it followed by this concept, because once again, as Hobbes explains, everyone is only looking out for themselves. Therefore, there would be no sportsmanship. Despite sports having a sovereign government providing some type of authority, there are many instances where the rulebook is not followed and chaos ensues. A specific event where everything simply returned to the state of nature occurred in a NBA basketball game. On November 19th, 2004, Pthe decided to not follow any of the rules and started a huge fight on the basketball court. The event was nicknamed Malice at the Palace since The Palace is the given name for the arena where the Detroit Pistons play. What started from Ben Wallace shoving Ron Artest after a foul by Ron Artest, Pturned into a full out brawl, which actually included the fans.

PBoth the Pacer and Pistons cleared the bench, and some players began punching each other. The coaches and referees tried everything they could do to stop the fight, but the players simply were too angry and continued to fight. The fight escalated into a brawl with the fans as soon asPone of the fans poured a beverage on Ron Artest, thus provokingPArtest to go into the stands and start fighting the fan. PThe fight is one of the biggest and worst fights ever to happen during a sporting event, which ended up leading to many suspensions. Since thePfight became so violent and involved the majority of both teams and some fans, the referees decided to call the game, ending the game early. The rules of basketball were simply not followed in the fight causing the players to return to the state of nature and forget the rules that they were supposed to follow. As Hobbes explains, without a set of rules, everything turns to chaos. Hobbes is right that without a sovereign state, everyone would merely be self interested and not follow any type of rules, as seen in the basketball fight. Every sport needs some type of rules, as chaos would likely ensue if there are no rules and watching sports would simply not be entertaining, but rather disturbing. Sports are a huge part of entertainment; therefore, sports cannot just follow the state of nature. All sports truly need rules to function as a fair and competitive environment. Hobbes provides a brilliant analysis on why society needs to be sovereign and it even applies in the arena of sports.

Sports need to be sovereign for there to be safety and order for both the participants and fans. When you want to ask your a question during class, what do you do? Do you simply shout out your question as soon as it enters your mind? Or do you instead raise your hand and wait until the teacher calls your name? If you raise your hand first, it's probably because your teacher has a that states that's what you're supposed to do when you have a question. Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone could simply talk whenever they wanted during class? What if everyone could simply get up and do whatever they wanted to during class? Do you think much learning would take place? Instead of an orderly, peaceful learning environment, a classroom without rules would be! If you're like many kids, you might feel like there are too many rules. After all, you have rules at home. You have rules at school. You have rules in the sports you play and the you participate in. Why do we have to have so many rules? In fact, why do there have to be any rules at all? As you've probably already guessed from the classroom example described above, rules create out of chaos. Although you might want to be able to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it, you probably wouldn't want the same of rules to apply to everyone else. To live and in a, we must have rules we mostly all agree upon. Sometimes these rules are informal rules, like the ones we have at home and in the classroom.

Breaking these rules may have consequences, such as a time out or detention, but breaking them usually doesn't mean you're going to jail. Sometimes important rules are and applied to everyone in a particular community. These rules are known as laws and breaking them can have more serious consequences, such as going to jail or paying a. When you learn to drive, you'll realize how many rules apply to the act of operating a. You can't go as as you want any time you want. You can't just anywhere you want to. You can't drive on whatever side of the road you want to drive on. The rules for driving share a with many of the rules you must follow in all aspects of life on a daily basis: keeping you. If you made a list of the rules you follow each day, you'd quickly realize how many of them exist to keep you and make your life more enjoyable as a result. Just imagine what life would be like without any rules. What if anyone was allowed to take anything they wanted, including your stuff? What if people were allowed to drive their cars on sidewalks, where you ride your bike? If there are no rules to follow, things could get and dangerous. If you really feel like a particular rule is, be and learn more about the rule. Who created the rule? Why is it a rule? If it seems like there's no sufficient justification for the rule, don't ignore or break the rule. Instead, determine what you can do to try to change the rule. Working within the rules to change the rules is something legislators do every day all over the world.

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