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why do we need to reduce waste

What can you do? Let's throw away our "throw away" mentality! We're making great progress as a province, but there's more each of us can do. Let's LIVE the 3Rs:
REDUCING is the most important step. If you can avoid buying something, you don't have to figure out what to do with it later! Before purchasing, ask yourself: "Do I really need this? Do I already have something that might do the job? Can I rent or borrow instead? Is the item meant to be used once and thrown out? Are there more durable, less wasteful alternatives? " REUSING is all about giving things a second life.

Ask yourself: "Is this item still usable? Can it be repaired? Who might I be able to give it to? Consider donating items to schools, libraries, daycares, shelters, care homes, hospitals, doctors' offices or thrift shops. Renovating? Donate useful materials and fixtures to your local charity. " RECYCLING is the final R because it involves energy and resources to process materials into new products, but you can't be green without it. Fortunately, recycling is quickly becoming the norm in Saskatchewan.

Here's what you can do right now: Shop green. Try to purchase products made from recycled material, ideally post-consumer content, which comes from community recycling programs. Leave grass clipping on your lawn. It will help to retain moisture and keep your grass green. Start composting. You don't even need a yard! If an object is not bought in the first place then the energy it takes for an item to be shipped, processed and recycled is not needed. PPThink about how much energy it takes for an item to be created and disposed of before buying it.

P You can save money by taking a reusable mug to select coffee shops and get a discount on your morning coffee! To learn more visit the "Mugs, Bottles and Bags" page located above. P Also save money by shopping second hand, then recycle your old clothes for someone else to use. P Save money by finding a trash service that will let you pay based on the size of the trash bin you are provided, and give you composting and recycling bins for free!

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why do we reuse recycle and reduce
why do we reduce reuse and recycle
why do we need to reduce reuse and recycle
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why do we have to reduce reuse and recycle
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why do we need to reduce reuse and recycle