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why do we need rules in life

It seems that people don't like rules as they represent a kind of restrictions, but in fact life can't be organized without rules. People always need rules and laws to be able to live and deal together. Can you imagine even a game without rules; of course it will be a kind of mess. When they are playing a game, they must follow its rules or it will be unfair. Also everything in our life should be restricted with rules or it becomes a mess and unfair. If there are no rules and everyone is free to do whatever they want, most people will probably behave selfishly. We need rules to help us get a long together and show respect to each other. For example in schools, if a student ignores rule against talking in class, the teacher will not be able to achieve his goal and other students can't concentrate.

Drivers who don't follow traffic laws can cause serious accidents. Doctors, engineers, farmers, everyone in the society must behave under rules. Most things we do are governed by rules which may be unwritten like the rules of social politeness and back up by the legal system. All the rules and laws have the same purpose. They organized the relations between individuals and the society to make it clear what is right and wrong and what happens if someone breaks the rules. They are designed to ensure fairness, safety and respect for other people's right.

Most of us are basically honest, and knowing the rules means that we usually try to follow them. One reason we do is to avoid punishment, but the strongest argument for following the rules is to make the world peaceful and fair.
My purpose with this lesson is to introduce students to the difference between rights and responsibilities so, that they can connect what we create in class to the creation of our government. I start this section with a that has a lack of rules/ too many rules to demonstrate the concept that rules keep the peace, tell us the expectations and help everyone to get along civilly. I ask students what's the difference between a "right" and a "responsibility" and I take responses.

Students are not so sure here about the difference. So I prompt them further and share that rights are things that are right for you to expect or to have such as freedom to spend your money the way that you want to. I then add that responsibilities are things that you should do to make sure where you live is a good place to be and that you are treating others fairly. I share what we have determined that a right is a freedom that is protected for all citizens to make sure a country is safe and respectful for everyone. A responsibility is what we do because we care about our environment and people and want to make it a great place to live.

I group them into 3-4 students and have each choose a out of the bag. I share that they will have 2 minutes to discuss the tag and how it relates to a right we should all have and how we should act responsibly when given that right. I model that we should have the right to share how we feel, but also realize that we should also be careful that our words are not intentionally hurtful to others. I call student groups to respond and to share their rights and responsibilities created from their tags. They also share if this right is one we have at school, in our homes or all over the world.

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