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why do we give aid to pakistan

The Obama administration has announced it will - an envelope worth some $800m (бе498m). The withheld aid includes funding for military equipment and reimbursements for selected Pakistani security expenditures - including a payment of $300m for counterinsurgency programmes. US aid to has a long political history and this is not the first time money has been withheld. Here we've pulled out all the figures for both US military aid and economic assistance (including development assistance) to Pakistan between 1948 and 2010. The dataset comes from, who in May published a report along with Nancy Birdsall and Molly Kinder analysing the long-term impact of US aid to Pakistan. The numbers - which come from the
and the - have been adjusted for inflation and are presented in terms of the value of the US$ in 2009.

US aid to Pakistan, 1948-2010 Some highlights: Б US economic assistance to Pakistan peaked in 1962, at over $2. 3bn Б in 2010, military assistance to Pakistan totalled $2. 5bn - including $1. 2bn in coalition support funds Б US assistance to Pakistan reached its lowest level in the 1990s, after President George H. W. Bush suspended aid flows over Pakistan's emerging nuclear programme Б in the 1970s, President Carter suspended all aid to Pakistan (except food aid) in response to Pakistan's decision to construct a uranium enrichment facility Б although US assistance (both economic and military) to Pakistan has fluctuated considerably over the last 60 years, it has risen steadily since 2001 Pakistan has historically been among the top recipients of US aid - since 1948, the US has sent.

Nearly half of this has been for military assistance. However, since Osama bin Laden was discovered and killed in Abbottabad earlier this year, US president Barack Obama has come under increasing pressure to justify US aid spending in the country. Although military assistance is currently the only form of US aid to Pakistan to be withheld, Congress has considered other - as yet unsuccessful - bills to also block US economic assistance, and civilian aid to Pakistan will no doubt be up for debate again next year, as the 2012 budget battles get underway. What can you do with the? Б Б Б Can you do something with this data? Б Flickr Please post your visualisations and mash-ups on our Б Contact us at Б Б Б Б In my view, the purpose of aid should be to help the people of the country, not primarily for soft power.

Britain already has a lot of Influence in the South Asian region, especially because of the Commonwealth, so I don't see why we need to spend so much on countries like Pakistan and India when their governments aren't doing enough to help their own people. Yes we do give money to Syria but I'm sure you'll agree that the situation is a lot worse in Syria than these countries. I've seen news reports where they show parts of Aleppo which are completely destroyed and people have no access to running water or electricity. Clearly there's more work to be done.

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