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why do we need to protect the earth

Taking care of the Earth is important to our well-being. Did you know that the Earth was designed to create and provide all of us with the ability to have balance everyday of our livesвthis is a reflection of the color greens and browns that exist throughout the Earthвs surface. The colors green and brown are grounding colors. These two colors create an energy vibeвas I call it in my book
вof balance, peace, and calmness. My children make me realize that the Earth is our home and itвs time for us to appreciate, love, and respect our home. So why make one day Earth Day? Letвs teach our children to conserve energy, and keep our neighborhoods clean every day!

Below are five reasons why we should take care of the Earth! Itвs the only home we have. It grounds us. It provides us with food and water. It gives us a place to run and play. It is a living entity. Rising global temperatures, melting polar ice caps, bleaching coral reefs, floods and droughts Mother Earth is ailing! Earth is the only source of life and we must save it at any cost. Without earth there will be no existence of human race or any other species as no other planet till date can sustain life like earth does. Earth is our only home and we must be the harbinger of change. Earth is the source of all basic elements that keep us alive.

But with each passing day, earth is facing major survival threats from human beings. Human beings have forgotten that earth is their only hope of existence and they must not pollute or over populate it. The growing pollution is causing excessive damage to the earth and disrupting the balance of the nature. The occurrence of natural disasters is more frequent than earlier, causing death of thousands of humans, plants and animal. Due to pollution and habitat loss, already many species of birds and animals are extinct and others are on the verge of extinction. Deforestation and soil pollution has caused death of many species of plants and made maximum number of plants and crops endangered.

Human activities are slowly destroying the earth day by day. The temperature of earth has gone up by four degrees in past years because of global warming, leading to the melting of ice caps in poles. The water level of earth has also up by several feet in last few years. The environment is collapsing due to toxic fumes, chemical waste and excessive noise caused by industrial applications. Immediate steps must be taken, as soon as possible, to stop the destruction or this might be the end of human race. So, itвs our sole responsibility to save the earth.

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why do we need to save the earth
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why do we need to protect the earth
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