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why do we lose 21 grams when we die

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: Katie could have lived. She'd be alive right now but that bastard left her there. Laying in the street. He left the three of them like animals. He didn't care. She could be here with me. That son of a bitch is walking the streets, and I can't even go into their room.

I wanna kill him. I'm gonna kill Jack Jordan. I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch. : Slow down, just slow down. : Slow down. Slow down. While I what, huh? While I what? : Take it easy. : Take it easy? My husband and my little girls are dead, and I'm supposed to take it fucking easy? I can't just go on with my life! I am paralyzed here! I am a fucking amputee! Do you see that?

Who are you? You owe it to Michael. No, you've got his heart. You're in his house fucking his wife! And sitting in his chair! We have to kill him! : Not like this. : Then how? Tell me how! Katie died with red shoelaces on. She hated red shoelaces. And she kept asking me to get her some blue ones. And I never got her the blue ones. She was wearing those fucking red shoelaces when she was killed!

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