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why do we live only to die

I believe you're right, there is no reason to be here no reason whatever for humans to exist at all. The extinction of the human species is inevitable I believe, I just hope that when we do it if not thermal nuclear or something which is going to mess up the planet for all the other life forms which should exist. I'm hoping for like a perfect pathogen to escape a test lab somewhere, it will kill all the humans but not jump species. I just hope it doesn't in fact the crows and other carrion eaters when they start fulfilling nature's plan to dispose of so many billions of rotting carcasses! No, there is no reason for humans to exist and that's why I never had kids (though I married into a couple). I had a vasectomy early in life, I had not yet turned 20 and I knew even then that life was a crock of crap and I never asked to be here.

But I've never done suicide mostly because of the societally ingrained Judeo-Christian fear that unfortunately, the atheists are wrong. When you die it's not like 'turning off the light' with a simple cessation of being as the electrochemical reactions in the brain stop. My fear is that there is an afterlife, and that once you are conceived you are doomed to existence for all time. Even , the silence of the grave won't actually give you a surcease from existence. And that's a rotten deal to do to anybody, so like I said I got snipped early in life so I would never accidentally create another human (plus it makes it really easy to score with the women when they find out you're baby-safe and can't stick a bun in their oven, or plant something in their special garden which is going to grow like a weed and they'd have to deal with later, LOL).
Fuck all the people that do bad things.

You ll always find organisms within organisms doing bad things. It s survival. Misinterpreted. We are all human. All in the same boat. We weren t created for something better. We weren t created. We are a biproduct of evolution. But it went so far that we question everything. There has never been reason for life and there never will be. If you die it s blank. If you live and succeed in things that have always meant something to you, you will die and become blank. Not blank as in imagining yourself in a white room. Blank as in you won t know you used to exist. The end. Nothing more. We were never meant to be anything. There is nothing to mean it. An organism developed over thousands of years to get you here. But still, you have no purpose or special meaning. You don t matter.

Nothing matters. The universe is going to continue in an endless loop. We are all just too scared to miss out on things that don t matter. Just because of evolution, we developed into beings that think and revel. We want to learn and explore. If you are willing to accept a life without meaning. A life where you have no say, influence or anything that matters. Then I applaud you. And I do (sincerily) hope you find and contain happiness while you are stuck here. I wish every person could justify to themselves why they are here, but more importantly, why they want to be here. I m happy for all those people. Because i dont have it. I hate every second. And i know it doesnt matter if i hate it because it will end. The sad thing is that I keep myself here just because it means something to other people. Something which is nothing.

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