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why do we live in the past

When I was little, VeggieTales and the songs that come from it were my jam. My sisters and I owned several CDs of LarryБs Silly Songs, and we knew them all by heart. Recently, IБve had conversations with a few friends about favorite
VeggieTales songs. To remind everyone of those favorite VeggieTales songs from long ago, here are 15 you definitely never forgot! 1. "The Hairbrush Song" This song was constantly sung in my house growing up. I mean, with a houseful of girls, itБs not surprising that we were constantly looking for or talking about hair brushes. Fortunately, none of us had to come to the same sad realization as Larry. 2. "The Water Buffalo Song" DonБt you know, everyone has a water buffalo? With the little props and the interrupted song, this one is classic Larry and his Silly Songs. 3. "I Love My Lips" Not going to lie, this song gets stuck in my head more times than I would like to admit. Larry jumping around, exclaiming how much he loves his lips, is iconic. Honestly, I want to be as passionate about something as Larry is about his lips. 4. "Promised Land" I love that the promised land centers around food. To be fair, my promised land would also center around food. 5. "His Cheeseburger" Every college student can relate to this song since itБs literally just a song all about food. I would sing songs to and about my favorite food any day. 6. "Endangered Love (Barbara Manatee) Once again, Larry is me; I am Larry. Singing about your favorite soap opera character?

IБm so down. 7. "Good Morning, George" This song is another classic in my house. It was especially relevant in the morning since IБm not a morning person and my dad is. He would wake me up by sing-yelling down the hall, БGood morning, George, how are you? Б Needless to say, I was never Бfeeling fine. Б 8. "Oh Santa" VeggieTales has everything covered, and Christmas is no exception! An ode to Santa where everyone except the IRS person is let in? Sounds like my type of song (also no, I donБt just let robbers into my house, donБt worry). 9. "Song of the Cebu" The slide projector in this video is my favorite. When was the last time you saw one of those? Not to mention LarryБs picture narration is amazing. He sounds like every person just getting back from an amazing vacation. 10. "Oh No! What We Gonna Do? " Yikes, Daniel better look out. Also, bad guys singing songs and dancing? Reminds me of 11. "God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man" Frankenstein sings along with Bob, Larry, and Junior in this song, and if that doesnБt appeal to you then I donБt know what will! Plus, everyone is just so happy in this one. 12. "Dance of the Cucumber" Dramatic Larry and interpreting Bob, what a killer combo. Plus Larry casually insulting Bob and getting him to translate it is pure genius. 13. "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" Every lazy personБs dream is to be one of these pirates. Also, IБm thinking about making LarryБs list of things heБs never done a new bucket list.

Thoughts? 14. "Stuffmart Rap" I know this isnБt real rap, but itБs the closest I get to listening to rap music. IБll take two of everything, please! 15. "Keep Walking" I love that the pea guards think theyБre so scary. I mean, theyБre peas! Brb, off to make my Spotify playlist of all these jams! After something stressful has occurred it would be nice if we could leave it behind and move on with our lives. P Sometimes we can. P For example, you might narrowly miss getting sideswiped by another car, feel stressed in the moment, and then shake it off and move on with your day. But often after weve encountered a stressful event, say, an argument with a spouse or an important presentation at work, we continue to ruminate (have repetitive, often negative, thoughts). P These thoughts are not about active problem-solving; they are repeatedly chewing on and worrying over past events. Why is it that sometimes we can let go of the things that stress us out and at other times, even after the event has passed and we know cant change it or our response, we continue to be stuck thinking about it? It is important to understand what makes us more likely to dwell on the past, considering the numerous negative consequences. Personality plays a role. Some people are more prone to than others. P Nearly everyone dwells in the past at some point, but some people do it more often and are more likely to get stuck in their thoughts.

But are there types of stressful events that make us more likely to ruminate? P Recent research indicates that stressful events that have some sort of social component are more likely to stick with us ( Emotion, August 2012). P So, for example, a public presentation is more likely to leave us dwelling in the past than a private stressful experience. It makes sense, of course. PPIf weve had to perform in some way or another, we are then more likely to worry about others negative judgment. Not only are we more likely to worry, were also more likely to feel shame. It can become a vicious cycle. P We have a stressful experience in public, we worry that how we acted wont be accepted by others, we feel ashamed of our actions (justified or not) and then we worry some more. P The more shame we feel, the more likely we are to worry. Shame also appears to be linked to rumination and negative thoughts. Shame occurs when we fail to achieve our goals. P Unmet goals tend to leave us focused on the goal. P Feelings of shame for example, shame at not achieving what others have, shame at not being good enough can cause us to overthink things and become stuck in negative thoughts of past failures. Rumination and persistent negative thinking are linked to social, symptoms of, elevated blood pressure and increased amounts of cortisol (a hormone associated with stress) in our blood. This type of worry can last three to five days after a stressful event has passed. P

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