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why do we have labor day holiday

Beginning in the late 19th century, as the
and grew, different groups of trade unionists chose a variety of days on which to celebrate labor. In the United States, a September holiday called Labor Day was first proposed in the early 1880s. Alternate stories of the event's origination exist. According to one early history of Labor Day, the event originated in connection with a General Assembly of the convened in New York City in September 1882. In connection with this clandestine Knights assembly, a public parade of various labor organizations was held on September 5 under the auspices of the (CLU) of New York. Secretary of the CLU is credited for first proposing that a national Labor Day holiday subsequently be held on the first Monday of each September in the aftermath of this successful public demonstration. An alternative thesis is maintained that the idea of Labor Day was the brainchild of, a Vice President of the, who put forward the initial proposal in the spring of 1882.

According to McGuire, on May 8, 1882, he made a proposition to the fledgling Central Labor Union in New York City that a day be set aside for a "general holiday for the laboring classes. " According to McGuire he further recommended that the event should begin with a street parade as a public demonstration of organized labor's solidarity and strength, with the march followed by a picnic, to which participating local unions could sell tickets as a fundraiser. According to McGuire he suggested the first Monday in September as an ideal date for such a public celebration, owing to optimum weather and the date's place on the calendar, sitting midway between the and public holidays. Labor Day picnics and other public gatherings frequently featured speeches by prominent labor leaders.

In 1909 the American Federation of Labor convention designated the Sunday preceding Labor Day as "Labor Sunday," to be dedicated to the spiritual and educational aspects of the Labor movement. This secondary date failed to gain significant traction in popular culture. In 1887 became the first state of the United States to make Labor Day an official. By the time it became an official in 1894, thirty officially celebrated Labor Day. All U. S. states, the, and the have subsequently made Labor Day a statutory holiday. Labor Day is one of just ten days considered a federal holiday when government offices are closed. We talk a lot about what holidays like Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Presidents' Day mean, but do people know what Labor Day is for? I just know that I love the extra day off, one person enjoying the day off in St.

Pete said. A three day weekend is amazing. Most people we asked didn t know why we have Labor Day, so here s some background. The U. S. Department of Labor says it honors the creation of the labor movement and the contributions of American workers towards the prosperity of the United States. During the Labor Movement of the 1800's, unions fought for better wages, safer working conditions, and reasonable hours. That's where the traditional eight-hour work day came from. The first Labor Day was celebrated in 1882. Labor groups came together for a huge demonstration in New York City. In 1887, President Grover Cleveland announced his support for a Labor Day holiday in September. By the time it became a federal holiday in 1894, 30 states officially celebrated Labor Day already. Oregon was the first state to recognize it as a public holiday.

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why do we have labor day holiday