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why do u want to be a model

Why do you want to be a Model? The lure of multi-million dollar contracts, celebrity partners and thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers. Sounds like a dream, how on earth could this possibly be a career? And a career that is in reach for little old, normal me? б I am of course referring to the modelling industry with all of its glitz and glamour and high profile prestige, the lure of being among the worlds most adorned people is somewhat appealing. However once you strip away the layers and look at the bare essentials that make up the modelling industry you need to be clear about just why you want to be a model. Why do you want to be a model? This question Б Why do I want to become a model Б is one that can only be answered by you and an answer where you need to be brutally honest with yourself. Part of answering the question also lies in you being educated enough as to. Start by compiling a simple list of all the reasons why modelling as a career sounds appealing to you.

Once you have done this review the points you have listed and if the top two points are similar to:
Then you may need to delve a little further into what the industry actually is and what it takes to be successful at the top of the modelling game. Fame and Fortune? To be a model does not guarantee you to fame and fortune and glamorous invites to parties of the A-listers. All of these can be a nice by-product of lots of hard work but the reality is most aspiring models will never reach the lofty heights of Kate Moss or Miranda Kerr. Many models may only get as far as some free clothes, air time of a local TV commercial or a couple of appearancesб in the local fashion show as the reality and at times the brutality of the industry kicks in. However donБt let this stop you from chasing your dreams or pursuing your interests into what can be a very fascinating industry. Recently having read the Kate Moss unauthorised biography, БKate Moss: The Complete PictureБ by Laura Collins, it describes the great lengths Kate Moss went to in her early years, traipsing across London, attending casting after casting in order to fulfil her dream.

The message here is that Kate did persist but she also knew that she really wanted to become a model and this was to be her profession. She was constantly learning and pushing herself to change and better her look. Her ability to transform herself in front of the camera helped to catapult her into the modelling elite. So if you really want this. If modelling is what you have dreamed about make sure you are honest and realistic about how tough and demanding this job will be. Get a pen and paper and write why you want to be a model and the actions you will take to ensure you have the most successful career in a very competitive industry. Ever since I was young, I ve always watch Australiaвs Next Top Model and always pictured myself as one.

Since then, itвs been my dream to be a. Ever since I was young, I ve always watch Australiaвs Next Top Model and always pictured myself as one. Since then, itвs been my dream to be a fashion model. I want to be a model because I love fashion and clothes. I also want to show girls my age that they donвt have to be conscious about their looks and body. Fashion is a deep passion of mine. I believe that to be a model, it takes more than just a pretty face. I think modelling is an expressive art form and tells a statement without words. Iвm a young fashionista with fashion and style engraved to my heart. People say that I m tall and pretty and that I m fit to model. I always like to take photos of myself wearing trendy and glam outfits. I like to be in this section because I want to show the world that I express myself through style and I believe I have what it takes to model! Anyway, I copied some of the answers in here too, If you don t mind :D

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