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why do they call gonorrhea the clap

The things you learn in conversing with fellow professorsБ Why was gonorrhea called the clap? A strong possibility is because of a once-prescribed treatment: clapping the penis hard, for example, with a book against a table or a swift clap with the hands. Here is There have been many theories on why gonorrhea is sometimes called clap. For one, it is believed that clap refers to the old French term, БclapierБ, which means brothel. Before, gonorrhea was easily spread through these places. However, there is also another theory, which referred to how the infection was treated. To treat gonorrhea, it involved slamming a heavy book or any object down the penis so that the discharge would come out. This might not sound like a good treatment since it involved smashing the penis. Another probable reason why gonorrhea was referred to as clap is that it was a bastardized form of a word. During the World War days, gonorrhea was very common among the GIs. It was said that the personnel who treated the patients would refer to the GIs as having the collapse. As a bastardized form of the word collapse, it was called the clap. The sex therapist Dr. Carol Clark in this video over at eHow Б
Б demonstrates the clap between the hands. No, no, not actually. But she gamely takes us through the motions, really grimacing at the thought of this treatment. I spent some time this morning trying to track down in the literature whether this story is actually true. It just sounds too good to be true! I wasn t able to find a definitive answer. This provides a lot of good information about the disease, from symptoms to history to treatment, but not a concrete answer. And I have one article coming on interlibrary loan, but I m not sure if it will contain the needed information.

So if you do know of some relevant literature, please leave a comment. What I did find, and found fascinating and terrible at once, was this full-text 1918 article in the Journal of the National Medical Association by C. V. Roman entitled. Roman opens with his philosophy of life before getting into his views on sexually transmitted diseases. Here is one section that caught my eye, where he goes from a view of the nervous system to Nature s punishments for our behavior: The brain and spinal marrow form one continuous body and all of our nervous energy is therefore stowed in one cavity, our eggs are all held in one basket. One bowel but three spickets. There are three ways by which we may use up our powers of life. We can use it up in thinking and thereby accomplish our aims and purposes in life. We may use it up in eating and become a glutton or a hog. We may join the donkey and guinea pig and spend our lifeБs energy in sexual dalliance. Nature gives us the privilege of choosing our course but reserves the right to pay or punish according to our conduct. Nature has set her stand of disapproval on sexual promiscuity by fixing venereal diseases as a penalty for prostitution. In another section, he focuses on gonorrhea, complete with his views on venereal diseases and the moral character of those who spread them: Gonorrhea Clap, Бrunning range,Б is the most dangerous of the three [venereal diseases]; because the most easily spread, the most lightly considered (only a cold) and the most difficult to cure. It begins as a little smarting when urine is passed, finally pain, swelling and a discharge that is highly contagious Б the smallest bit of it in the eye may destroy vision.

This is a frequent cause of sore eyes and blindness in babies Б mother, usually a pure, good woman, has been, unknown to her, infected by her husband, and she in turn infected the baby while passing through the birth canal. A man that would willfully put out the eyes of an innocent baby is the meanest of criminals. Yet that is what a man does who takes clap to the marriage bed. If there is any Hell, I think the hottest pace in it ought to be reserved for the man who willfully spreads venereal disease. A man with no respect for a pure woman is not fit to live. Link to the. Link to Kindle version of It is a very common bacterial std that affects both males and females. Gonorrhea mostly affects the urethra, rectum or throat however in females it may also affect the cervix. In babies gonorrhea mainly affects the eyes. In some instances, infected people donБt display symptoms. Being in a monogamous relationship, using a condom during intercourse and abstaining from sexual intercourse are ways to prevent intimately transmitted diseases Regarding gonorrhea usually shows up 2Б5 days after infection, yet, in men, it may take up to a 30 days to appear. Other do not demonstrate any symptoms at all. This is particularly dangerous because they do not look for treatment and continue to distribute the disease to sexual spouses. It also puts them in danger of serious complications. pus-like release from the tip of the male organБББthis may be white, yellow-colored or green severe pain in lower abdomenБББthis particular symptom is due to infection propagate to the fallopian tubes as well as stomach area.

It is usually associated with fever. vaginal bleeding between intervals, such as after vaginal sex Conjunctivitis (red, itchy eyes) Gonorrhea can be treated and cured. The actual goal here is to treat the actual infected persons and their intimate partners. In adults, gonorrhea is actually treated with an antibiotic that could be oral or with an injection. It is important to take all of your antibiotics even if you feel better. In no way treat your gonorrhea along with someone elseБs medication. This just makes it hard to treat your own. Due to emerging strains associated with drug-resistant Neisseria gonorrhea, several medications known as cephalosporins strongly recommended by the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention to deal with uncomplicated cases of gonorrhea. You can be reinfected if your companion is not treated. It is important that the partner gets the test and handled. Your partner will receive the same therapy you do. This helps prevent additional spread of the disease. Infants born to mothers together with gonorrhea receive a medication to them soon after birth to prevent contamination however if infection really does occur they are given antibiotics to treat it. CAUTIONБББDo not have sex when becoming treated. Abstinence may be the only absolute method of stopping gonorrhea. You can also reduce your danger by being in a monogamous romantic relationship and use condoms if you have sex. Also, ask your lover to get tested for the illness and consider regular gonorrhea screening if you are at elevated risk. Read also:

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