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why do they call dennis rodman the worm

"I'm not a racist. I regretted what I said about Bird because it wasn't true," Rodman said. "I said it out of frustration. I blew up for no reason. "I should have never said it. I had people call me from everywhere asking me why I would want to say something like that about Larry Bird. I knew that everyone would criticize me. I just had to overcome it. "
Rodman's family and friends say he's not prejudiced. Annie Bakes, Rodman's fiancee, is white. Rodman will marry Bakes, a former model, after the birth of their first child, due in September. "By all means he's not a racist," Bakes said. "That whole incident was out of madness. He treats everyone equally. He's a very unique person, but he just has to learn to control himself. " Rodman, who was raised by his mother, Shirley, after his father deserted the family, lived with a white family on a 600-acre cattle ranch in Bokchito, Okla. , a town of 700 about 100 miles north of Dallas, while he attended college at Southeastern Oklahoma State.

James and Pat Rich, who raised three sons, treat Rodman as another son. "Dennis ain't no racist," James Rich said in a Southern drawl. "He drove straight to our home from Detroit after the last game of the season because he wanted to explain what he'd said. He knew he had done something wrong and he wished he hasn't said it. " Rodman came into the family after he coached Bryne, 18, the youngest of the Rich boys, at a basketball camp five years ago. Rodman helped to fill a void in Bryne's life, which was created after Bryne accidently shot and killed his best friend while they were hunting. Rodman and Bryne Rich are close. Bryne flew here to watch the Pistons play the Lakers today in Game 3 of the National Basketball Assn. finals. "I wanted a little brother," said Rodman, who has two sisters. "And Bryne wanted someone to look up to. " Bryne, a 5-11 guard who will attend college at Tarlton State in Stephenville, Tex. , on a basketball scholarship, idolizes Rodman. "He motivated me a lot by pushing me," Bryne said. "We put in a lot of time on the court together. " Pat Rich, has written a book--"Big Worm, Little Worm"--on the relationship between Rodman and her son.

She flew to Los Angeles last Thursday to sign a deal for a TV movie with a production company. Who s the best rebounder to ever play the game? Dennis Rodman, of course. Affectionately known as The Worm, The Hall of Famer s credentials are as decorated as his wardrobe choices, with seven rebound titles, seven 1st Team All-NBA Defensive selections, five Championship rings and two Defensive Player of the Year Awards to his name.

Over the course of his 14-year NBA career, Rodman was defined as the chairman of the boards, and will be remembered as perhaps the greatest to ever rebound. What about his shoes, though? While he mixed it up with heels on a few occasions off court, he was strictly business on the court when it came to kicks. On Rodman s 53rd birthday, we take a look back at the heat Rodman rocked from Nike, Reebok, and Converse over the course of his career. (photo via Rodman s blue collar play was a perfect fit for the Motor City. In his early days as a Bad Boy, he would rock the Air Revolution. Oddly enough, it was after Detroit that he would be publicly known as one, and yes, the revolution would be televised.

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