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why does my dog snap at other dogs

- this is the most common cause for dogs to be aggressive to other dogs. Some dogs are worried about other dogs because they have had frightening or painful experiences with them when young, and some dogs have learned aggressive behaviour to others from dogs they live with. Positive solution for fear of other dogs a programme of treatment is needed that incorporates control measures, teaching your dog to be calm when other dogs are close by, and, ultimately, re-socialising your dog with others if it is safe to do so. some dogs become aggressive to other dogs when held back on a lead for a while before being set free, Frustrated players may also goad and nip the other dog if it stands still to try to make it run so it can play a chase game. Solving this issue relies on preventing play with other dogs and teaching the dog how to prefer playing games with humans instead, teaching him self-control in other areas of life, and then training him to behave calmly around other dogs. dogs may become aggressive to other dogs around them, such as those on a lead next to them, if they are restrained or held back from another dog they want to play with or be aggressive to. (See. )
dogs that play rough with other dogs need to be prevented from playing with other dogs for a while and taught to play with humans with toys instead.

They need to learn self-control and good manners and then some can be allowed supervised and instructional play with other dogs. some dogs that chase other dogs may nip them to try to stop them, or bite in excitement once they stop, or to make them run again, or in self-defense if a chased dog has been aggressive to them in the past. For further information, please go to the right to breed is a powerful motivator and, sometimes, the only solution for dogs that fight for this reason is to have them neutered. Once neutered, the motivation to compete is reduced and the dog can usually be rehabilitated successfully. Before this irreversible step is taken, it is important to seek professional help so you can be sure of the true cause of any aggression. dogs may be aggressive to keep toys or food for themselves.

It is difficult to cure dogs of this so it is easier to learn to manage situations so that your dog is never in a position to guard things from others. in rare cases, some large dogs, usually hounds bred to hunt by sight, such as greyhounds, may chase small dogs mistaking them for small prey animals such as rabbits. Please see dogs may become aggressive if they are not feeling well or if play with other dogs has become painful due to a condition such as arthritis. All dogs that are showing signs of sudden-onset aggression should be checked out by a veterinary surgeon immediately. This is the most common cause for dogs to be aggressive. Fear of owners or strangers this is the most common reason for dogs to become aggressive to people. Dogs can learn to be proactive about using aggression to keep themselves safe so sometimes it is hard to appreciate that the root cause of hostile behaviour is fear. However, dogs often live in a busy, chaotic world without truly understanding the humans they share their lives with and they often have a lack of trust that people will act kindly towards them.

Dogs cannot tell you when they are afraid or worried with words, so if you ignore their body language, their only choice (in their minds), if they think they are in sufficient danger is to become aggressive. For more information about fearful aggressive dogs, go to Fear of being handled some dogs find it difficult to cope with being handled by humans either though limited experience or from a frightening/painful experience in the past. Dogs need to be taught to trust that we won t hurt them and humans need to learn how to handle dogs in a way that does not upset them. For further information, go to Territorial aggression dogs that try to keep people away from their property or cars usually do so because they are worried about what strangers may do to them or their family. Territorial dogs often have a mistrust of strangers that can remain hidden until certain circumstances occurs, such as them finding themselves close to a gate when a stranger tries to enter, or the door is left open as the postman delivers letters.

For further information, go to Protection some dogs will sense the vulnerability of owners and try to protect them from strangers. This can result in dogs guarding young children or vulnerable people in the family. In order for them to be protective, they must see strangers as a threat and so the treatment involves helping them to have a more positive view of strangers. Alternatively, many dogs that are aggressive when strangers come close are only protecting themselves, but feel more able to do so when supported by their owners. For more information about protective dogs, go to Fear of being left occasionally, dogs can resort to aggression in a desperate attempt to stop their owners from leaving them alone. These dogs become very fearful or distressed when alone and have learned to use aggression to delay their owner s departure. For further information, go to

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