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why do we do that bridal shower game free

There are many superstitions involved with the wedding traditions and rituals. This is a fun and interesting game in which you will ask your bridal shower party guests that what they think is the real logic or reason behind a certain wedding tradition. I have made this game in three different color so that you can print it in color that matches your bridal shower party theme the most. How to Play: Distribute printed why do we do that game cards among your party guests along with pens or pencils and ask them to write down the reason behind different traditions.

The guest with most correct answers will be the winner.
This post is all thanks to my little sister, Lauren. We played some amazing bridal shower games at my shower this weekend. and now my sister is going to share them with all of you!!! We played "Why do we do that? " - a game of bridal traditions (many are from a LONG time ago so it's harder than you may think). We also played Famous Marriages match where you have to match the famous couples. we added bonus points if you got their names correct as a way to solve any ties.

Oh, and bonus points for people who knew which of these couples Mr. J. G. and I had dressed up as for Halloween. I kept telling him to say "LUUUUUCCCCYYY you've got some 'splaining to do! " and speak in Spanish all night while acting like I was crazy. He said the acting like I was crazy part was easy. Then we played a cute Candy Match game where you had to match candy games with parts of a wedding. some of them you have to say out loud to understand. (Twix, etc. ) All three games were super cute and very PG (we had grandparents there, ya'll).

Do you want your own set including answers/further explanation???? Well thanks to Lauren they're all yours! to view the PDF file and print your own copies! The answers are also in the PDF link - woo hoo! I highly recommend printing them onto card stock - that made it easy for us to write on them in our laps! Enjoy! P. S. have you liked me on Facebook yet? Do you want to? It would make my day. seriously. Check out my Facebok page here:

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