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why do they put pine tar on baseball bats

In, pine tar is applied to the handles of. Because of its texture, pine tar improves a batter's grip on the bat and prevents the bat from slipping out of the batter's hands during hard swings. It also helps hitters, because they do not have to grip the bat as hard and thus the hitter gets more "pop. "
Rule 1. 10(c) of the 2002 states that batters may apply pine tar only from the handle of the bat extending up 18 inches. The most famous example of the rule being applied is the, the July 24, 1983 game between the and in which hit a home run to put the Royals ahead 54.

Yankees manager immediately protested that Brett's bat had more than 18 inches of pine tar. The umpires called Brett out and nullified the home run. However, league president overruled the umpires. MacPhail said that the pine tar restriction wasn't about competitive advantage, but economics. If too much pine tar was on the bat, pine tar would end up on the ball and render it unusable for play. MacPhail said that the umpires shouldn't have taken the home run off the board, but simply discarded the bat. The game was resumed from the point of the home run, and the Royals won.

Pine tar is also sometimes used by pitchers in baseball to improve grip on the ball in cold weather, although it is questionable whether it gives a pitcher any competitive advantage. However, the application of any foreign substance to a ball (except, which is applied by the umpires) is expressly prohibited by of the Official rules of Major League Baseball. If a player is caught violating this rule, it results in an automatic ten-game suspension in the minor leagues. There is no mandatory suspension for this infraction at the major league level, although suspensions are often used to discipline offending players.

Pine tar is a sticky substance used to give the batter better grip on the bat. The pine tar incident was because in the umpires opinion the pine tar was too. Pine tar is a sticky substance used to give the batter better grip on the bat. The pine tar incident was because in the umpires opinion the pine tar was too far up from the handle of the bat. It s actually pretty stupid if you ask me. I don t see pine tar being too far up on the bat helping to hit the ball further.

Due to it being sticky really it should hurt the flight of the ball and reduce spin giving the ball a knuckle effect but that would only be the case if the pine tar were on the barrel of the bat where you make contact. If you hit it where the pine tar was your hands are going to hurt and you are going to need a new bat. It was a misinterpretation of the rules and the game was later picked up after Brett s home run and the Royals won. It was a stupid trick by then Yankee manager Billy Martin to try to win a game the Yankees had lost the lead in.

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