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why do we get headaches after drinking alcohol

Headaches that come the day after consuming alcohol are called hangover headaches or alcohol-induced headaches. Alcohol is also a. About a third of. Alcoholic beverages contain ethanol. Ethanol is clear, colorless with a sweet flavor and a smell that some people find pleasant. Ethanol is made by fermenting sugars. When a person drinks an alcoholic beverage, the ethanol is quickly absorbed in the stomach. The ethanol is distributed into the bloodstream and then into the brainвs nerve cells. The ethanol is distributed throughout the body, as it circulates 90 percent of the ethanol is processed by the liver. Ethanol is a drug that acts on the brain, liver, kidneys, heart, stomach, blood vessels, hormones and other bodily systems.

Ethanol also serves as a depressant and suppresses certain brain functions. Initially the ethanol in alcohol makes most people feel relaxed and happy. More alcohol causes more enthusiastic behavior, which is typically followed by blurred vision and reduced inhibitions. Chemicals in alcohol, such as tyramine and histamine are believed to interact with brain chemicals. These events can lead to headaches and in some people trigger. The headaches usually occur the next morning after drinking alcohol, when the alcohol level in the body falls. People who suffer from migraines are more likely than the average person to experience hangover headaches.

One 2004 study of 1,122 people found that men are more likely to experience alcohol headaches than women. In some cases, death
The International Headache Society lists two types of alcohol-induced headache: immediate and delayed. The pain is made worse by Alcohol, which is consumed in beverages such as liquor, wine and beer, is a chemical called ethanol. Ethanol may cause headaches by several means. First, it is a direct vasodilator; in some individuals vasodilation may cause a headache. Second, ethanol is a natural diuretic; this leads to excretion of salt, vitamins and minerals from the body through the kidneys. Excess consumption of ethanol may produce dehydration and chemical imbalances in the body.

Except in Бmoonshine,Б we consume ethanol in beverages that contain other chemicals. These chemicals are called congeners. Congeners impart the specific tastes and flavors that make each beverage unique. These congeners also have a variety of effects that can cause headaches, alter other chemicals in the body, and induce the hangover effect if consumed in excess. Fructose, the naturally occurring sugar from fruits, helps return portions of the bodyБs chemical balance back to normal following ethanol consumption. Many with migraine, and most with cluster headaches, are sensitive to alcohol, at times in even small amounts.

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