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why do the vampires in twilight sparkle

In the original Dracula, sunlight does not kill vampires. During the day, when the sun is out, they just don't have their super strength (and I think they lose a few other "superpowers" as well). The sunlight killing vampires is more recent. Stephanie Meyer didn't do any research on vampires. In an
Time Magazine, she admits this: What kind of research on vampires, if any, did you do before writing Twilight? БJen Potcher, BOISE, IDAHO The only time I really did any research on vampires was when the character Bella did research on vampires. Because I was creating my own world, I didn't want to find out just how many rules I was breaking. (This is the 8th question in the interview, so it's almost at the bottom. ) Welcome to the MLP Lounge, A meeting place for bronies to discuss anything and everything SFW. As the name would suggest this subreddit is a-filly-ated with Feeling Down?

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