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why do they paint the base of trees white

Moisture travels up through a tree from its roots via a vascular system that operates much like household plumbing. In plants, the fibrous pathways that conduct the water up from the soil are called xylem, and they re constructed of millions of cells that move the water from the roots to the tips of the leaves. In winter, tree trunks warm and cool depending on how much sunlight they absorb. This allows the sap to flow during the day, but once night-time temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it freezes, causing the tree s tissues to tear.

This is particularly harmful to fruit trees, whose crops are often seriously affected by winter damage. Whitewashing tree trunks help reflect sunlight, which helps the trunk from overheating.
Tree guard paints are sold as organic non-organic products. Some gardeners use a light colored interior latex-based paint diluted with 50% water. Both and cause the tree's bark to crack and/ or dieresulting in additional stress which get compounded by insects and parasites that enter the barkless woodan invasion that will ultimately shorten the tree's life.

Tree paint protects against this. Some tree paint, depending on ingredients, also protect against insects and rodents. For example, neem oil, which has been used by Indian farmers for thousands of years, for many uses, including a natural insect repellant and insecticide. Unlike other oils, plants sprayed with diluted neem oil repel insects from plants, smothers those in contact with the neem spray, and ultimately kills most insects that ingest the product within 13 days.

Castor oil, which comes from the castor tree seed, and naturally makes everything coated with this product taste horrible and should repel most rodents; such as rats, moles, voles, gophers and rabbits that may gnaw on the tree's bark. Tree paint may help to prevent disease-carrying insects from entering a wounded tree. Studies have shown that wound dressing must be applied immediately after damage or pruning.

Even a delay of three days can be too long. White tree paint is commonly applied to trees to keep the affected tissues from overheating, as dark-colored paint can raise the surface temperature of the treated tissues. The classic tree paint is black, because it is based on an emulsion. Although consumer versions of tree paint may come in spray cans, commercial application may involve paint guns. Tree paint can also applied by brush. An organic tree paint can be made; it is similar to a brushable mud.

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