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why do they have the winter olympics

The first gold medal awarded in the Olympic Winter Games was won by of the in the. , at just eleven years old, skates in the ladies' figure skating competition. Although she finishes last, she becomes popular with fans. went on to take gold at the next three Winter Olympics. The figure skater was the first one to successfully defend his Summer Olympics title at the Winter Olympics. The Canadian ice hockey team ( ) finished their qualifying round with three wins, scoring a total of 85 goals against Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, and Sweden without surrendering even a single goal against. Finding themselves in the same situation as Gillis Grafstrm, the Canadian ice-hockey team is the last ever to successfully defend its Summer Olympics title at the Winter Olympics.

Canada would dominate ice hockey in early Olympic competition, winning six of the first seven gold medals awarded. At the closing of the games a prize was awarded for a sport that did not lend itself very well for tournaments: presented a prize for 'alpinisme' ( ) to, the leader of the expedition that tried to climb
in 1922. For the first time in the history of the modern Olympics, the host country, in this case, France, failed to win any, finishing with three bronze medals.

This feat would later occur at the in where Switzerland won only a single bronze medal, the lowest ever output by a host nation at an Olympics. Later host nations to finish without gold medals included Canada at the in and in and at the in. In 1925, the IOC decided to organize Olympic Winter Games every four years, independent of the Olympic Games proper, and recognized the International Winter Sports Week as the first Olympic Winter games in retrospect. In 1974 the final individual medal of Chamonix 1924 was presented. , who until then had been recorded as finishing fourth in the, received a bronze medal.

After fifty years an error had been discovered in the score of. In 2006, the IOC confirmed that the awarded medals to 1924 teams were official. The IOC verified that curling was officially part of the program, after the newspaper filed a claim on behalf of the families of the team. LA 2028 Paris 2024 Beijing 2022 Tokyo 2020 Pyeongchang 2018 Rio 2016 Sochi 2014 London 2012 Vancouver 2010 Beijing 2008 Turin 2006 Athens 2004 Salt Lake CIty 2002 Sydney 2000 Nagano 1998 Atlanta 1996 Lillehammer 1994 Barcelona 1992 Albertville 1992 Seoul 1988 Calgary 1988 Los Angeles 1984 Sarajevo 1984 Moscow 1980 Lake Placid 1980 Montreal 1976 Innsbruck 1976 Munich 1972 Sapporo 1972 Mexico 1968 Grenoble 1968 Tokyo 1964 Innsbruck 1964 Rome 1960 Squaw Valley 1960 Stockholm 1956 d'Ampezzo 1956 Helsinki 1952 Oslo 1952 London 1948 St.

Moritz 1948 Berlin 1936 Partenkirchen 1936 Los Angeles 1932 Lake Placid 1932 Amsterdam 1928 St. Moritz 1928 Paris 1924 Chamonix 1924 Antwerp 1920 Stockholm 1912 London 1908 St. Louis 1904 Paris 1900 Athens 1896 Lausanne 2020 Buenos Aires 2018 Lillehammer 2016 Nanjing 2014 Innsbruck 2012 Singapore 2010

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