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This is your starting place for exploring the people, places and events that shaped Marylandвs past. Whether you are a student researching a paper, a teacher in need of a lesson plan, a family looking for fun things to do, a collector of rare objects, an amateur genealogist or a lover of period clothing, furniture or rare documents, we can help.

You will find everything you need right here в including links to activities, guides and holdings at more than 300 other Maryland historical sites and institutions. Quickly access the information you need, or let our experts point you in the right direction.
The following information was submitted by a reader for your use: "The word La Riata (or reata in English) refers to a rope made from hide, be it bovine or equine hide.

The word La Soga refers to a rope made from plant matter such as grass or cotton and is now days used to refer to ropes made of nylon and poly.

La Soga is where we get the English term Lasso. In modern day California they call a pencil bosal a bosalito, but in old Mexico the correct term is Bosalia meaning it is the smaller more feminine counter part to the larger more masculine Bosal. " Howdy Fowler, Mission Ranches, Dog Canyon, NM

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