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why do the socs and greasers fight

The Greasers and the Socs dislike each other, because they do not understand each other. PThere is a vast socioeconomic divide that exists between the two groups. PThe Greasers hate the Socs, because the Greasers believe that the Socs have it easy with all of their money and privilege. PThe Socs hate the Greasers, because they are easy targets to hate. PThe Greasers are poor and powerless, so the Socs feel that they are entitled to beat upon the low life Greasers. PEach group cannot seem to relate at all to the other group, so there is fear and hatred there. PPeople tend to dislike what they do not understand. PThat's why I disliked college philosophy. PI just flat out didn't understand any of it; therefore, I told everybody that it was the worst class ever. PSocs and Greasers don't understand each other, so dislike follows shortly after.

What neither group understands though is that they are more alike than different. PCherry understands it, and she understands it early in the novel. PIt's why she tells Ponyboy that "things are rough all over" in chapter 2. Late in the novel Randy comes to talk to Ponyboy. PAt the end of the conversation, both boys seem to genuinelyP understand where the other guy is coming from. PBecause of that, both boys leave the encounter with mutual respect for each other, not dislike. P "Thanks, grease," he said, trying to grin. Then he stopped. "I didn't mean that. I meant, thanks, kid. " "My name's Ponyboy," I said. "Nice talkin' to you, Randy. " I walked over to Two-Bit, and Randy honked for his friends to come and get into the car. "What'd he want? " Two-Bit asked. "What'd Mr.

Super-Soc have to say? " "He ain't a Soc," I said, "he's just a guy. He just wanted to talk. " Notice that once understanding between Pony and Randy happened, all negative slang and name calling dropped out. PNo longer was there a faceless group to dislike. PNow there was another person, with problems of his own. P firstly, they dont fight in a vacant lot. Johnny and Ponyboy were just walking because Ponyboy just got slaaped by Darry. On their way they saw some socs. so here is the story. Johnny Ponyboy and Twobit were hanging out with these two girlP socs in the drive by theatre, the girls were Cherry and Marcia. After the movie, they were walking Cherry and Marcia home but on their way they saw some socs, which were the girls boy friends.

The Greasers and Socs were about to fight but then Cherry stopped them. So, then the boys start to go home, to Johnny's house. The parents dont care about Johnny, so when Twobit leaves, Johnny and Ponyboy leave to a parking lot. They fall asleep there and Ponyboy wakes up at 2. 00 am and goes home. Darry slaps Ponyboy for coming home late so Ponyboy runs away. Ponyboy goes back to JOhnny and they walk to the park. They see some socs and those were the socs of the socs girls boyfriends. The Socs then start a fight because the Greasers were with THEIR "girls". the bolded was the most importantP and i answered your question. But the rest on the other side is just info you need to know what i was talking about. :) hope i really helped

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