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why do we bend our knees when jumping

Why is it necessary to bend knees while jumping from a height? Asked Rahul. (via SMS from our mobile version
This is a consequence of the impulse momentum principle. When we bent our knees on landing, the time of impact increases and reduces the average force exerted during the entire process. This prevents the chance of damage to our body. Impulse momentum principle states that the impulse of a force is equal to the change in momentum produced.

Impulse is measured as the product of force and time interval. So, when we stop P P P ourselves, there is a fixed change in momentum. If we stop ourselves very fast, the time interval is less and the average force will be very large. But, if we bent our knees during landing, the time involved in the proces of landing will be more and thus the average force will be less and hence the damage will also be less.

Nice question. We bend our knees when jumping is really about to make jumping possible with our own energy. Try jumping without bending your knees. What will happen? You will barely be able to jump.

You will only manage to stand tip-toe and raise your body for less than a inch and for about one second. Plus, if you continue doing that you will get sprain joints. By bending our kness, we will generate potential energy for the muscles. The muscles will contract then expand to transform the existing potential energy into kinetic energy powerful enough to stay off the ground for seconds.

Therefore, spraining can be prevented because expanded muscles will absorb the shock of landing. It functions like a spring. You have to press it in order for it to jump, right? Force = Mass x Acceleration also matters. I hope I help. Maybe I will come back to do some editting. Plus, go check other rational answers.

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