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why do the scottish hate the english

I wouldn't say we hate the English. but there is some rivalry (which goes back a long time in history), so of course we like it when some other team beats them at football
But, we don't really have anything against them personally (i. e. we wouldn't not speak to someone just because they are English. well i wouldn't anyway since 2 of my cousins are half-english. Although, i've noticed we just don't really associate ourselves with England. lots of scottish people would call themselves "Scottish" instead of "British", including myself, because we like to be part of our own country!

Silly really Your right when you say it exists, In fact I would say the rivalry is acknowledged by the majority of Scots. It's not hate though. I really want England to lose when it comes to any sport, even the club teams if I'm being honest. In the commonwealth games, if there is a final and no scot is in it. I would want ANYONE but England to win it. Its just a rivalry though, a bit of banter. I would add the welsh in to be honest. they are just an extension of England to me! So why? Well I can remember as a wee laddie, my parents and gran parents would always "drum" it in, we have family in England (scots) but there would always be an England v Scotland when it came to board games, sports etc etc.

I always remeber my grand parents saying "ye never want the English to win" etc etc. I guess its kind of stuck, I never want them to and never will! I will also proudly continue this tradition by passing it on to my offspring when I get the chance. All friendly banter though, veyr important to realise that! Its like coke and pepsi, you would never fight over it!

Tv is another big reason. Three lions adverts can be very irritating when Scotland have not qualified (which is current common, hasn't always been that way though). It causes resentment for me. Listening to English TV hosts banging on about how they are going to win everything just makes you want them to lose. Everyone hates arrogance. Then of course there is the cultural differences that simply increase that divide. Most scots don't feel like they could support "England". In fact you are a bit odd if you do in my eyes. Its very uncommon.

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