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why is ankara the capital of turkey

On this day in 1923, Ankara was declared the capital of Turkey, in place of Istanbul. This was a massive change, since Istanbul was one of the largest cities in Europe, while Ankara was but a small town в in that time, it had only 35,000 inhabitants. Why was such a small town selected for the new capital of Turkey? After the First World War, a large part of the huge Ottoman Empire was occupied by the Entente powers (the Ottomans had lost the war). The Entente forces even occupied Istanbul, which was located at a position of extreme strategic importance в it linked the Black Sea with the Mediterranean, and Europe with Asia. Turkish politicians, including the famed Mustafa Kemal AtatГrk, decided to move their seat of government to the town of Ankara, in the heart of Anatolia.

Later the Entente powers withdrew their occupation troops, but Ankara remained the capital of the new Republic of Turkey. Ankara has since grown to become the second-largest city in Turkey. Ankara s metropolitan area is today home to almost five million people. It is interesting that Ankara lies a full 938 meters above sea level, and is home to many Turkish government buildings, ministries, and foreign embassies. Ankara used to be called Angora in Europe, and many animal breeds were named after it, including Angora cats, Angora rabbits, and Angora goats (source of mohair wool).
Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the country's second largest city after stanbul.

Centrally located in Anatolia, Ankara is an important commercial and industrial city. It has been the neural center of the Turkish Government, and houses all foreign embassies. It is an important crossroads of trade, strategically located at the center of Turkey's highway and rail network, and serves as the marketing center for the surrounding agricultural area. Modern ANKARA is really two cities, a double identity that is due to the breakneck pace at which it has developed since being declared capital of the Turkish Republic in 1923. Until then Ankara had been a small provincial city, famous chiefly for the production of soft goat's wool.

This city still exists, in and around the old citadel that was the site of the original settlement. The other Ankara is the modern metropolis that has grown up around a carefully planned attempt to create a seat of government worthy of a modern, Western-looking state. For a very quick, brief, touristic info about Ankara; you may check the video below. Dead links removed. I will try to post photos from Ankara in parts in this thread. This is an evolving thread, new photos are posted regularly with the lowest repeating rate as much as possible, check the latest pages to see the most fresh photos.

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