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why do we celebrate victoria day in canada

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May 19,. ^ Parker, Alan (May 18, 2012), Maclean's, Rogers Communications, retrieved May 21, ^, The Globe and Mail, May 20, 2012, retrieved May 22, ^ Department of Canadian Heritage. Queen's Printer for Canada. Retrieved May 12,. (1984). Toronto Remembered. Toronto: Soddart Publishing. p. P105. P. Ontario and Upper Canada Genealogy and History. Retrieved May 13,. Bousfield, Arthur; Toffoli, Garry (1991). Toronto: Dundurn Press Ltd. p. P10. P. Retrieved September 14,. The Queen's role in promoting Canadian unity truly made her the "Mother of Confederation" and at her death Victoria Day, that uniquely Canadian holiday, was created as a memorial day. (December 12, 1988), Holidays Act, 4: Queen's Printer for Canada ( Elizabeth II (October 11, 1957), Queen's Printer for Canada, retrieved May 24,. London and Middlesex Historical Society. Retrieved May 13,. Francis, Daniel, ed. (2000) [1999]. Harbour Publishing. p. P562. P. Davidson, Terry (May 19, 2013). Sarnia Observer. Retrieved May 19,. Shingler, Benjamin (May 19, 2013). National Post. Retrieved May 20,. Government of Alberta Human Services. Archived from on May 18, 2012. Retrieved May 17,. Government of Manitoba Employment Standards. Retrieved May 17,. Retrieved May 17,.

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The Korea Times. Seoul: The Korea Times Co. Retrieved May 21,. Wilcox, Ted (May 16, 2008). The Hamilton Spectator. Retrieved April 20,. Share your holiday story, idea or comments Send us your holiday tips, comments, observations or ideas about Victoria Day. The province of Alberta was named after Princess Louise Alberta the daughter of Queen Victoria. Not many people celebrate the Queen on this day but it is first long week of the start of summer. Victoria Day is established by statute on the Monday before 25 May. The Queen's Official Birthday in Canada is established by proclamation (annually from 1953, permanently from 1957) also on the same Monday before 25 May, and so is a second holiday on the same day. But because the Queen's Official Birthday falls on the same day as Victoria Day, and neither governments nor the media give it any publicity, it passes without public notice in spite of the artillery salutes in Ottawa and the provincial capitals and the flying of the Union Flag, if there is a second pole, at national government buildings (a few others also join in in this practice, like the Provinces of Manitoba and Ontario at their legislatures, and the C. B. C. ). The Queen's Official Birthday in Britain in June often gets television coverage here in Canada, but practically nobody knows that we Canadians also have our own observance of the Queen's Birthday!

The use of 2-4 to name the first summer long weekend may have something to do with beer practices by province. When I was younger I lived in Alberta, at that time beer was not available in 24s. When I moved to Ontario in 1981 I was introduced to the 2-4 weekend and beer in cases of 24. Since then I have celebrated the Victoria Day holiday with a 24 and lots of fun in Ontarios lake district. I've been one of the exhibitors at the Victoria Highland Games for the last five years. There are many things for children to do whilst parents enjoy the pipe-band competitions, sheepdog trials, Highland dancing competitions, etc. Its unfortunate the individual posting under the name "Scott" didn't take the time to explore the grounds, otherwise he'd have noticed the bouncy castle, face-painting, etc made available to the younger set. Maybe Scott should bankroll/put on a Highland Games if he's so experienced in doing better. Jim Maxwell and his team do a fabulous job in Victoria *every* year, and have tens of thousands of visitors. Let's see if "Scott" can do better. Otherwise, sit down, and be quiet. In the old days the kids would say "The 24th of May is firecracker day and if we don't get a holiday we're all gonna run away! "

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